joanna gaines master bedroom designs

joanna gaines master bedroom designs

[music playing] if there's aroom in your house that you dread goinginto, whether it be a pantry, your officeor even your laundry room, have fun with it and makeit more of a creative space so that you actuallyenjoy going in there. for instance inthis laundry room, i really wanted tomake it fun and kind of inviting so that whenyou're in this space,

you enjoy folding laundry. what's really funabout the laundry room is it was in a spacethat was unused. so what we ended up doing isfinishing this out, really creating a nice amountof space in here, but also adding alot of character with this handmade sign,this beveled subway tile, a lot of these funlights and all the storage. i'd say the most importantthing in a laundry room

is just havingplenty of storage. i love these glass jarsbecause they're up. kids can't really reach them. another thing i reallywanted to incorporate are these baskets for storage. i've found that whenthings are out in the open and you have cute containersto contain the mess, it actually makesit clutter-free. you know, i thinkthis always ends up

being the room where wekind of shut the door and throw things in it. but i think the more storageoptions you have, the better.

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