jeff lewis master bedroom designs

jeff lewis master bedroom designs

-so i have randomly obtainedwhat i think is my utter dream job. working for the game i love, forthe creator of said game in a helpful, assistingkind of way. you are looking at the vicepresident of community creative consultancy. i made that title up. but it sounds prettyawesome, right? and the guild seemedhappy for me, too.

on the way back from theconvention, we stopped at an outlet mall. clara and tink helped me pickout work clothes, bladezz and zaboo found this cool leatherportfolio, and vork haggled both prices down by 20%-- which he then turned aroundand charged me as a negotiating fee. new job tomorrow! yay!

[theme music playing] bladezz (offscreen): yourmidterms are due, and you're raiding poolside? -i have male minions takingcare of everything. my tests, my mechanicis fixing my car battery for free. i'm juggling 15 sets of ballstoday, literally. -whose pool are you at? -hey!

-i don't know. some dumb guy let me in. -codex, are you readyfor work? how's the jacket look? is it a power suit? -powerful something. -drive careful, ok? you drive careful-- -codex.

i hope you can get tractionon my complaint backlog. as of today, i have 1,534unanswered bug reports with the gaming authorities. unconscionable! george (offscreen): clara? -hi honey. i wasn't online. nope. [laughter].

you look cute. -i'll be home aftermy meeting. i assume you're not goingto disappear to another convention again withouttelling me? -new leaf! i'm going to be thebest mom ever now. look at my hair. i dyed it becausei'm so serious. -yeah.

-hey baby, after you finishmy latte, you can start on daddy's lunch salmon. -hey guys! just uploaded another cheesypirate reacts to other people reacting to cheesypirate videos. you wanna spare acent for a like? -the only thumbs up you've beengetting lately are ours. hang it up, has-meme. -i'll thumbs up your--

-ok you guys, i've gotta go. wish me luck, because i'llcertainly need it. zaboo (offscreen):i made you lunch! your fav, pbj and banana. brown paper bag, top shelfof the fridge. -how did you-- -laundry room window. -of course. bye!

[chorus of goodbyes] -love you! -don't text and drive! -backlog. -she'll be back, right? i mean, she's coming back. why isn't she back yet? -with madeline visiting latertoday, i can weather anything. i'm clearing a four by fourarea in my guest room, and

have obtained a premium tripleply toilet paper for free after coupon. as my grandfather used to say,never scrimp on your lady's anal comfort. tink (offscreen): (sexyvoice) hey, ben. i was just wondering when you'regetting me that silly macroeconomics midterm. (angrily) what do you meansomething came up? -i put together a killerdate agenda for us.

first, we'll be feedingthe ducks. then, walk on the beach. then we'll get a littlefamished-- -zaboo. this visit with my ladyis per invite only. i'm detaching this thirdwheel preemptively. -but what am i supposed to dowhen you guys are gone? and codex is offline too. why is everybodyabandoning me?

[hip hop music playingfrom car] -ah, hell no. -oh, hell yeah, tiny teen. -we agreed that the houseis your domain. but this is the bladezz pad! -see, it don't worklike that, peanut. me and your mammy gettingkind of serious. and post me doing alittle ahhh-haaaa! inside, i gotta getmy gaming on.

so scoot! you be banished, dog. -guys! bruiser's taking overmy hangout! help! -aw, bladezz, you can'tgot offline, too. oh, vork, rock me gently. -negative. -first, my midterm monkey dropsout on me, and now my

mechanic is texting me. he wants me to pay! i mean, uh! what ever happened to, "oh,your smell is all i need, baby?" -gabby, you forgot thevanilla syrup. pool guy (offscreen): theowners'll be home soon, so you're going to have to packup those golden limbs and-- -[gasp].

[music playing] floyd! i'm here, promise. -codex! hey. did the banners for theconvention look like they were made for a middle schoolren faire? -what? no.

um. i'll be right in, i just haveto find a parking space. -oh. just park in sulomorrison's spot. she's a community manager. she won't need it. -oh, thanks. -oh, agent_aiken. hope you get cancer.

good morning to you too, sir! god! so we have this whole complex. like to keep the core groupin this building here. the adjacent buildings, they'refor the worker bees. i can't concentrate with alltheir constant chewing. you're a quiet chewer, right? -yes. i only eat pudding, yogurt,other soft things.

-great. to make it easy, put thataround your neck. it'll buzz when i need you. ok. is this a restaurant buzzer? are you ready forthe cinematic? [dragon growls] -you look like mygrandma's couch. we're pretty lax about workhours around here, as long as

you're here when i needyou at any second. and then come in wheneveryou want. this is theodora, the game'scoo and head producer. -oh! is that vampire ice creamboss named after her? we thought it wasa funny tribute. -anything that you hearis under nda. breathe a word of it and i'llsue you into oblivion. [coffee splashes on floor]

-good chat. -86, 87-- -watch where you jackthere, dono. -sorry. -this is donovan. hes my savant nephew, thelead programmer here. just got a crazy manover. thinks he's god's giftto women, right? -not, uh--

89-- really. 90. bye. -he doesn't do greatwith humans. -wow, cool cubicle. awesome. -you like it? it's yours.

yeah, make yourself at home. -really? oh my gosh, thank you. wow. who's asian family is this? -sup, floyd. who's the new chick? -it's my new assistant, roy. now get your crap out of here,or i'm putting you on forums

for the next two weeks. -w-- wait, th-- this isyour cubicle? -guess not anymore. -uh-- -everyone stand up. this here is my newright-hand lady. everybody give her everythingshe needs, or i'm stripping your characters of weapons.

i'm gonna make you fight with0-dps spoons instead. then i'm firing everysingle one of you! no benefits! -floyd. always with the yelling, man. -mikey. -no nicknames, dude. you ready to talk about thatchild's play dinner? hey, i gotta go.

get to know the place. meet everybody. have fun. -ok. floyd (offscreen): i'vegotta talk to you about barbarians again. -hi. hello. nice to meet you.

codex. hi. -he gave you my parking spot? -[sigh].

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