interior bedroom design 2012

interior bedroom design 2012

do you find simple, plain walls just too plain?well, my friend julia and i will show you differently. you know, julia, i just haveto say that i really love this vignette that you've created. thank you. you know, as youlook at it, it's really dominated by white, which is a non-color -- and i know color isso hot these days. there's something to be said for a white wall, and i think oftentimespeople don't have the opportunity to paint. well, i think they're often afraid of it.i agree, and then you don't in the absence of being confident about color, where do yougo? and, you know, i think white, to someone who is moving into a new apartment is almostlike a writer sitting down to a blank page, a white piece of paper. and that's where wecome in. yeah. where we come in with suggestions

about how to create comfort in a space thathas white walls. right. and not make it feel un-lived in. well, i noticed here that you'veused muted tones in the way of art that seem to be a nice, comfortable segue to all thewhite -- the white wall, the white sofa, the pillows etc. i think that that's an importantaspect of introducing color and art into a white space, is not to go so crazy into thebold. yes. but to sort of kind of segue and create a little bit of a -- almost a -- ithink this art has an aged feel to it. it does, it does. it has a lovely patina to it.correct. and i think that's another way to say, "i not afraid of you, white walls." if you have some sort of echo of white -- in this case, these pictures are all surroundedor have bits of white in them or neutral colors,

then it blends nicely, there's more harmony.exactly. and i think that also makes it feel like a finished room. yes. and even it's notparticularly, you know, this sort of art piece, but it's something that has a graphic qualityto it, again, without too much color. yes. perhaps photography. right. would also bea wonderful application for a white -- using in a white space. you know, of course, thereis such a psychology with the color white because it being a non-color if you paintthe walls that makes the space feel more expansive and larger, as opposed if you used dark colors.and i think sometimes people think it's the exact opposite. and i think white is the mostenveloping of non-colors, that does allow for so much variety within the pieces andthe furnishing. do you lean toward whites

that are very pure white, or do you go fora creamy white or a warm white? that's a great question, and i think that's something thatis equally as daunting to many, many homeowners or renters. i think it is too. there are somany whites that i personally like, and i would have to say that i like going towardsa little bit more creamy. right, a little more warmth to it. just a little bit morewarmth. not too much blue. and i think it's easy to look at the very first white on thepaint wheel, which is, obviously, the most true blue white. yes, yes. and oftentimesthat's selected. right. and then if you can just pull it back a little bit it's warmer.yeah, that's a very good point. you know, it's just like these objects that you findand you place on the wall, splashes of color

can also arrest the eye and draw your attentionto it. i mean, for instance, i love these pillows you've used here. well, thank you.i mean, pillows, today, are in almost every market, every store you walk into. yes. youare assaulted with pillows. all kinds of them. every color. yeah, this one over here, i think,has sequins all over it. it certainly does. it's a little bit of glamorous feel. it isvery glamorous. i love that. adding a little bit color, bold color, is okay in a whitespace. it is, and these are so affordable. so it's the sort of thing that really anyonecan do to give a space, a wall, a little pop. absolutely. if you're enjoying these segmentson style, check in with us regularly. make sure you subscribe to ehow home.

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