images of master bedroom designs

images of master bedroom designs

hi, everyone. my name is kelsey. and my name is becky and we are the sorry girls. and we are here bringing you another room makeover you guys loved them and so do we especially when they help out our very own becky yeah, we are here in my house today, and we are re-doing my guest bedroom yeah, we're going to do this all in like one day or less. we shopped for some things, we already made the hanging night stand, if you guys haven't already seen that video, but we're gonna get this done and it's going to be super quick and easy and on the cheap cheap. oh, yeah, so let's get started. okay, so the first big thing that's really an eyesore about this room is this closet door.

i think it came half falling apart. i don't know, it's really bad. it's peeling and we need to fix it. yeah, so maybe we'll wallpaper that or something. wallpaper is in again, like, you can get really cool prints. we'll make this look like an awesome feature wall, something like that right?we'll figure it out. we'll figure it out. or do you want to keep this? i mean, we have the plans for an awesome hanging nightstand, which is going to be i think better than this guy. yeah, i agree. we can always put it somewhere else in the house so it's still useful. what's your plan for the bed? so the bed, i mean, i like it. this was actually our super old sorry girls diy, but it's just i've had it for so long that i'm really excited for a change. i want, and it's a really dark wood. i really want to freshen up and lighten the place so, i have this idea for an awesome like diy, i guess...bed frame,

out of some light pine wood and we might get rid of that headboard. yeah, pass it on to another home. and this is a curtain rod that got installed but the curtains have yet to make it up there. and i love the lightness of this room but if you're trying to sleep over in the morning it gets super bright really early, so curtains would be amazing to have. yes, this was in our old house too. so many old days are just everywhere in my house and i still love it. it's great. i love the, like, custom handles and everything but we can use it to, like, put storage on. and then these blankets are great and handy if people stay over but they just don't have a place to go, so if we could give them a cute little home, that would be great. perfect, so not a lot to do. no, not a lot

so should we hit the store and, like, buy everything that we need? yes, definitely. okay, let's do that. oh my goodness i need a guest book where people, like, take a selfie every time they stay in my guest room. that's really cute, actually. i know it is cute. that is really cute. i like it. it is also five dollars. i love the shape, i love the. turtle shell? yeah, and i like the squareness of it actually. it's like the perfect combo of plants i don't have to care for. i'm going to have to go for little shopkins, an open shopkin. oh look it's diy dentistry? ha ha ha what? okay bye. okay bye. pretty good. okay we're back, and we're going to start with the bed frame. the bed!

so, first thing is we have to take apart this guy. okay, bye uh oh. these are different heights. why? the guy was supposed to cut them all to, like, a foot. so it's this one that's short. so, this one, it's too short. put that one at the back i guess. cool, okay, cut number one. we need to make two exactly like this. cool, right? right. so now we need two of these two that. all right, so the plan here is what build me a coffin? clearly that one. bye. um, we're going to build like a faux bed frame to go around this just to make this box frame look a lot cuter. and like a real bed frame. yeah.

i mean obviously we could put supports underneath to raise it up if you want it to look like a real bed frame, but i like the low bed look. yeah, it'll make this room feel bigger i think. yeah, i think so. it's like a short bed. yeah, and i like this. alright, so we have our pieces cut to fit around the boxspring perfectly. now we have these brackets that will just they're going to hold it together. okay. let's get the screw. give me some 90s. i like my corners like i like my decades: 90s. last one. nice. built a faux bed frame. alright, now we have to.. put down the rug. yeah, that's true. so, that rug was actually downstairs in my living room, but then i got a new rug.

oh! so that one got donated to this room. frank charred upcycling. i think it's about like this long, and so if we could just put it, like, under half of it. let's just see what happens. that's weird, eh? something tells me, like, the foot of the bed. maybe let's move it up all the way and just see what it looks like? do we turn the rug this way? try it without the carpet and see how it looks? yeah, i mean if, when everything's done we're like, " oh, it'll work perfectly here", then we can bring it back in. we'll just slide it? yeah, but i feel like to put it down now is a little, we don't know yet. we don't know. okay. bye. ...bye. does it fit? pull, and drop. yay!

it fits so well! okay. cute! that looks good. that looks so good. nice. okay, like basically you really need to figure out where this bed is going to go before you put the hanging nightstand. so we can, we can roll out the carpet again? so we can, why don't we, like, mock in where the furniture is going to go, like that's a big piece of it, right? mm-hmm i think it's going to go on this wall. mm-hmm. and then we'll put the mirror that i got above it and then i bought the two lamps, which i love

one's going to go there, and then one's going to go on the hanging table. i think it'd be cool to have a lot of room here, right? furniture rearranging is the hardest part. let's put this on to get the vibe, you know? the vibes. good thing we got a basket for those. yeah. this guy... so he's definitely going on this wall, right? i think so, yeah. let's try rolling this out and seeing how much room it would take. okay. i feel like it would look best if it was just, like coming out of the bed like this. mm-hmm. we could turn it sideways? sideways yeah. okay. okay, you happy with this? mm-hmm.

yeah, that rug looks better that way. okay. okay, so should we start the wallpaper? so, i've never put up wallpaper in my life. i feel like its for a good reason. i feel like it's something my mom would do. but all of a sudden wallpaper is cool again. yeah look at how good this will look with, like, the carpet. yeah, this is like faux wood. it's gorgeous um, okay, so we've got to make some wallpaper glue. how thick do you put this on, like? i have no clue, i've, like literally never done this before. ew it's so gloopy. i don't know if we're doing this right. hey, if anything it will stay up for today, and it'll fall down tomorrow. it'll be my problem tomorrow. yay. haha.

so legit. look guys... look how legit i am. so legit. cute, i like it. it's so good it wasn't so bad. no, and i think we started with the hardest part actually, yeah. yes, this side was worse. yeah, cool. cool. carry on. next. it looks so good! apparently we can do wallpaper pretty well. not too bad. not too bad at all. and it's like a statement in this room, which is otherwise very simple. exactly. okay so now for that 'piã¨ce de rã©sistance'. yes. okay, so this hanging shelf

we actually pre-made in a youtube tutorial that's on our channel already, we put it up already, but now we get to hang it. so we definitely need to put the hook into a stud in the ceiling and i think, i think, that the studs are 16 inches out. so we're just going to have to drill a hole, and find that first. alright. oh, there you go. okay, that's a good sign. nice! that was easy. so easy. okay, so i mean, obviously if i'm having guests stay over they need to be taken care of. woah, hostess with the mostest.

no, but seriously, the dollar store hooked us up. the dollar store has good little samples. little shampoos, little mouth wash. yeah. everyone forgets their toothbrush, i swear. i know. or like if someone doesn't know they're staying over, and they're just like, "can i stay the night?" i'm like, "i got you." and because they're staying over, because they're drinking they need the tylenol the next morning. yeah. oh my goodness, i'm such a good host. i should stay over at my own house. this one is a thrift store find, but it's great. oh, yeah. so first i need to take a shower, i got your clean towels. gotcha clean towels. i gotcha. this is also a thrift store find. oh my goodness, and our frozen tissues, that's all they had at the dollar store. sometimes you just gotta make it look cute. pull one out to make it look cute. oh my goodness, it's so good!

it's so good. okay, and like, real talk, more than anything people always need a phone cord. yeah. so i'm gonna leave them one. wait, so are we done? we're done. what? that was so easy. my new room! you're welcome to stay over whenever. haha! oh my goodness. it turned out so good! it really did. like, honestly even better than i was thinking, because i wasn't sure exactly how much we'd be able to do in a room kind of this small, but it turned out, like, so killer. so good. and i feel like i was going for this really odd mix of, like, 'hotel clean' but also kind of homey, and i think we hit that mark. yeah, i get it; i feel it. you feel it, you feel it. and also, if you guys didn't know a lot of things in this makeover were diys, so make sure you go watch

those, like this hanging nightstand idea thing, it just went up. brand new. this shelf america thing. world map and if you guys are angry because we're in canada, don't worry we explain it in that video, so make sure you go watch that video. canada-proud don't worry. and also the dresser is a super, super old diy from the old apartment so totally leave us a comment if you guys were there when we did that diy dresser. alright, and if you guys like bedroom makeovers, we actually have so many makeovers. we have my old bedroom, my new bedroom, dorm rooms. we did my sister's front hall, it's turned out amazing. we've done so many makeovers. and i love them so if you want to see even more please let us know below, because i would love to be more. yeah and

if you guys like this video be sure that you give it a like. and if you love it, make sure you sub it. and we'll see you next time. bye!

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