ikea bedroom inspiration 2014

ikea bedroom inspiration 2014

1.bed storage what better way to avoid unneeded furniture than by turning your bed platform into cabinets? this plywood platform bed wraps around theroom, maximizing your living space. 2.hidden tv you’ll be playing the disappearing act with your tv on the daily, because once you’veseen this, you can’t unsee it. with smart house tech all the rage these days,you can have your hidden tvs pop up, flip up or drop down almost anywhere.

3.closet curtain keep your shoes out of sight with this clever faux window closet. this glam-inspired nyc look is so chic, you’llwant to create one for all of your open storage spots. 4.collapsible ottoman the more, the merrier when it comes to ottomans — especially when they come in so many differentcolors and patterns. you can store stuff in ‘em , use them assurfaces, sit on them and stow them away when

they’re not in use. 5.hidden shoe storage to create this solution, use a kitchen cabinet door and rounded deco strips to make a trundle. if you want it to roll, just attach some castersto the bottom. 6.levels of rooms by creating different levels in your small space, you’ll create the illusion of separaterooms. you can also use the space under a bed riseras extra storage.

7.under-the-mattress storage if you don’t have a big linen closet, and there’s nothing you hate more than seeingthose plastic bins under the bed — this is for you! we love that the bed frame goes all the wayto the floor — no dust bunnies here! 8.basket bed storage incorporating storage under your bed is an excellent way to save space. these cute baskets are super stylish and hideclutter you don’t want anyone to see.

9.leather pulls this hidden shoe organizer needed some flair, and we have to say these diy leather pullsdo the trick just fine. by adding small accents to your storage accessories,you can refresh your home without breaking the bank. 10. shoe closet envy this home tour shows us that your contractor isn’t always right. this gal decided to use wasted space to createa closet that any guest would envy. the added touch of a mirror on the back andthe inside of the door gives the illusion

of space. 11.shadow box delight this is one of the best ideas we’ve seen thus far! keep your jewelry from cluttering your dresserby concealing everyday accessories behind a shadow box. 12.king of platforms this king-size bed is propped on a platform to give the illusion of a separate area, andhence a bigger space.

the platform also doubles as a storage compartment.

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