modern bedroom art

modern bedroom art

(happy guitar music) - [tresha] hey guys,welcome back to the channel. it's tresha, and i'm excitedto share another great diy idea with you using 3d wall panels. you can place thesepanels in your entryway, maybe behind your couch,or behind your tv stand, you name it, the possibilities are endless of how you can use them. but i'm going to show you a different way.

you know me, i have toshow you a different way. if you do not want toadhere it to the wall, this is an alternative for you. i wanted to give a shoutout to csi wall panels for sending me this pack for me to try. it comes 12 in a pack. the squares are about 191/2 inches by 19 1/2 inches, so it covers, probably likethree feet by nine feet of wall space.

so you'll probably need more if you wanted to do a feature wall, but for this project,you only need a pack. and this is what itlooks like in the inside, you have complete instructions if you wanted to adhere it to the wall, and it also comes with spacers as well. before you start using the panels, you wanna make sure it's in the room

where you're going toinstall it for 48 hours so it can get adjusted to the environment. i chose this particulardesign, it's called gap, because i thought it was very interesting, but they have, if youdon't like this design, they have so many more available, so make sure you check out the website. i'll put the link in thedescription box below so you can see exactlywhat i'm talking about.

and i believe it comesin two different colors, but the one that i chose isin natural off-white color. for this project you will need a base, and i chose wood for this. so i went to home depot andgot a thin piece of plywood. i want to say it's like 1/2 an inch, less than 1/2 an inch in thickness, and it was kind of big, so i wanted to divideit in half so i can have

two panels on the wall. in addition to the plywood,i also purchased four strips of the outside corner molding. these are gonna be use toconceal the sides of the plywood. so the first thing that i didwas lightly sand the edges of the wood, i saw thatthere were some rough edges, and i wanted to make surethat that was smooth. oh, and be sure to removeall the labels as well. next i'm going to gluethe molding to the sides

of the plywood usingrapidfuse wood adhesive. it sets in 30 seconds,it cures in 30 minutes, and it's a strong bond. i love it because it's quick. this is what it looks likewith the molding on it, it looks so much cleaner now. i decided to stain the woodas opposed to painting it, it's totally up to you what you decide, but i used this minwax woodfinish penetrating stain

in english chestnut. you simply want to stir up your can and paint in the direction of the grain. make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the can. i only used one coat. i waited about two minutes and then wiped the stain away with a rag. so here's what it looks like,it takes about eight hours

for the stain to dry. it's much quicker ifyou decided to paint it. so after i do that, i wantto follow it up with a wood protectant, which is called polyurethane. you want to make sure tostir up the can really good before you start using it, and use a clean brush when you do this, don't use the same one asyou did with the wood stain, and follow the grain.

i highly recommendreading the instructions on the back of the can so you are aware of exactly everything that you need to do. while the base is drying, i'mdoing to paint the 3d panels using a sponge brush. and i had some craftpaint already on hand. it's an acrylic paint by craftsmart. i'm just gonna pour alittle bit of the paint into my paper plate, andjust work off of that.

you don't need a wholelot for this project. if you notice, i'm just putting paint on the tip of the brush. with your 3d panel,you're just going to start by doing an outline of thetop part of the design. and then, just color the inside of it, or paint the inside of it, 'scuse me. it's just easier that way, so that you can stay within the line.

guys, if you have somethingthat's weighing on your mind, this is a great project todo because when you paint, you forget about everything,to be honest with you. like i'm just focused onmaking sure i paint in between the lines, that's it! (laughing) i really think paintingthe top of the panel enhances the 3d effect. what do you think? so the last thing that idid was glue the 3d panels

to the base, and what you want to do is determine where you want it. what i did was space the panels to be three and 1/2 inchesfrom the top and the bottom and two and 1/4 on the side. now that i determinedwhere i wanted the panels, i just took a penciland marked the corners, flipped it over, and added e6000 to the back.

flipped it back over, waited24 hours before the glue dried, and then hung it on thewall, and that's it, guys. this is a way to have some really cool, interesting 3d wall art thatdoesn't have to be affixed. if you guys have any tips ortricks that you would like to share just drop it inthe comments section below. i would love to hear from you. thanks, guys, for watching. let's connect on instagram.

i'm @designsbytresha, i wouldlove to see your diy projects. so make sure you tag me. also, check out my other videos. i think you'll like it.

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