modern beach bedroom design

modern beach bedroom design

coastal home dã©cor with fun and unique design if you want to refresh your house with somefun design, then you might want to use coastal home dã©cor which will make you feel calmer. the beach items that used in this design arevery unique thus will dramatically change the appearance of your house especially ifyou use other kind of decoration before. furthermore, the theme is suitable for bothchildren and adult so everyone will be able to enjoy this design in the house. you can apply nautical theme throughout yourhouse or just use it in several room to refresh the look of that specific area.

how to use coastal home dã©cor in your house 5.color scheme as always you need to think about the colorscheme that will be applied on the room. this will make it easier for you to choosethe wall painting and even the color of the items you will put inside the room. signature color of coastal home dã©cor isthe blue and white color so you must try to use this color as the main color scheme. but you can also use other color as accentto make the color scheme richer. use color such as sand color, wood color,turquoise, sunlight color, and other bold

color that comes from tropical flower andfruits. 4. pattern pattern is another important thing in your design if you want to choose coastal homedã©cor pattern to put inside your room. we all know that beach pattern always identicalto stripe pattern. most of the time people only use it on smallthings such as pillows. however you can actually use the pattern inother things such as on the area rug if you want it to appear stronger. and if you are daring enough and want to havedramatic effect on the pattern, you can even

use it on the ceiling. 3. sea shells and corals your best coastal home dã©cor would not complete if you do not have several sea shells andcorals in the room. that is why you should try to find decorationthat has sea shells or coral shape and put it all around the house. if you want something useful then you canalways find a chandelier that made from sea shells. but if you want something simple, you canjust create small shelf in the wall and put

all of those sea creatures on the wall todecorate your room. 2. weathered and rustic finish for your furniture and hardware, do not use anything that look too modern and metallic. instead having weathered furniture and rustichardware will really make your coastal home dã©cor become more authentic. that is why when choosing the finishing foryour furniture and other kinds of metal material in your room you must try to have them weatheredand rustic finished. this finishing will make them appear old asif it used to be used inside an old ship a

long time ago. this will also make the furniture look uniquethus will add dramatic effect on the end result of your design. 1.ship themed ornament of course, the ultimate coastal home dã©cor items that you should use is ship themed ornamentsuch as boat, lighthouse, ship steering wheel, anchor, paddle, old map, ship compass andmany others. this kind of decoration will remind you onthe old time when there are people who do adventure to find new unexplored sea.

surely this is one of the attractive itemsthat make coastal theme become favorite by many people. you can find small fake items with those shapesthen place it on the rack or tables all over your house. tips in using coastal decoration in your housewhen you using coastal theme in your house, you must think about how you can balance everything. most of the time people go overboard withthe small items that they place in the room. sure, nautical themed items are all very uniqueand beautiful that is why you all want to use them in every room.

however, having all of those items at oncewill make the room feel overcrowded thus will eliminate the free and refreshing feelingthat coastal theme should have. that is why be very careful and divide theitems that you found evenly on all room or make a good and nice display for them so itwill be more organized. lighting is another important thing in usingcoastal home dã©cor since the decoration would not appear beautiful with the wrong kind oflighting. that is why you must make sure that your roomis well lidded. it is better when you can open the area sonatural light can come to lid the room. however, for closed room you can also uselight bulb, and arrange it for maximum lighting

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