modern baroque bedroom

modern baroque bedroom

oh what are we gonna do for the intro againhey guys we're evan and katelyn in last episode we built this built-in whichwas kind of hard oh no it's not it built-in it's a murphy bed oh yeah dang ittoday we're gonna make built-ins on either side of our murphy bed and ithink they're gonna be easier than this was it's it's we're starting at 8o'clock at night so i hope it's easier this design looks really familiarbecause i've already watched episode 1 of this projects but in this one we aregoing to be use some flat pack bookshelves from lowe's and then trimthem out to make diy custom built-ins did you just say we're going to "be use" hehe we are going to be use

alright so the firstthing that we're gonna do is add we're gonna be putting some cabinets right herebut like the location of them needs to kind of be fixed and there's nothing toreally attach them to since they're gonna be floating in the middle of allof this they won't be touching this wall it won't be touching this wall it won'tbe touching this so we're gonna add some framing to this area so we havesomething to attach them to the first thing that we gotta do is build thecabinet so let's do that hey it could just be done now all rightthanks for joining us we'll see you next time so the other benefit of addingthese framing pieces is it gives us

something to attach our trim pieces toinstead of trying to nail it into this little three-quarter inch area we have awhole 2x4 all right so it's really secure rightnow using these metal brackets helped out a lot because it lets us screw infrom this direction as opposed to this way because getting screws that gothrough a two-by-four into the wood behind would have been a little bit crazy so you might remember last time we cut ahole in the back of the murphy bed so that we would still have access to anoutlet and instead of just leaving that outlet available it's not that availablebecause it'll be kind of like behind the

bed and the pillows and we want to be alittle bit fancy so we want to add outlets right there so could you get me a level yes yay instead of going into the wall andtying into some of the power in there we're gonna use this appliancereplacement cord and it has the wires exposed and you can use the traditionalwall hardware it's gonna be it's gonna be nice but it's gonna be easy to that'show one jinxes themselves would you look at that what's wrong this got squished because i slammed it in there then wecontinue that pattern i wonder if we can just like force this in too noooooooo

it mostly worked uh... no! did i... did i get the wrong thing did we not screw it in enough did i get thewrong box did i get the wrong cover no the covers right just start everythingover just tear down the murphy scrap the whole thing! okay you were right note to self these don't know these are supposed tobe the fancier ones that like snap-on but they just don't like cover yourmistakes as well now to get that outlet box all workingwe just need to plug this in right there

we need to go through this wall it would have been nice to uh... drill those hole oh gosh why are you going underneath it 'cause it's better why can't you go above the bed i don't know i thoughti thought this would be easier but why would this be easier? let's see oh it does fiti didn't think it'd fit oh jeez this is pretty bad too i'm just like bracing it ina very awkward way let's see if this works so we don't just have like a raw hole inour nice murphy bed we're gonna attach this what would you call this catportman cat portal i'm just gonna pop

this guy in i still can't stand stand onthe bed stay stay in the middle yeah i don'tknow sit there and then put your other foot in the middle all rightso glad i'm getting this amazing shot here and right into there and now weshould have power right there we test it yeah welcome to evan and katelyn's airbnb do you love the smell of popcorn burnt wood gasps static of raw beans rawbeans exposed artisan caught one lamp and the newest craze sleeping on flatsoh good for your back it's so comfortable you don't even need a hosesafety straps you can strap here

something you know roll around in yoursleep five stars oh that's so cool it's a good day it wasa good day it's the end of day two i don't know i'm putting up one fingercuz it's merged into one day it is midnight signing out for now that wasreally it was good but one thing i just realized we're about to be adding trimright here this one's good there's these two points this one we're just gonna beattaching it in here and there's nothing to prevent this from swiveling in not atthe top not at the bottom we got to add another 2x4 but i bet we just like do alittle snap we could just have it done

the trim all right quick question this is kind ofpulling out a little bit there do you think that the nail gun will be enoughyeah oh yeah you and i'll be good yes our walls are good i know what you'rethinking you're thinking wow looks like a really crappy job but that as we'retalking and painting comes in tied all of our mistakes what do you think done yay man it feels like this has been sucha journey to get here if it's finally here and i'm so happy what do you thinki've put those baskets and your

accessories in the basket that looks alot nicer than this piled literally on the floor put out a video every week andwe hope to see you then last time we'll start with the baseboards we'll startwith the baseboards we'll start with the baseboards am i doing the things i everdid who knew something

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