modern asian bedroom furniture

modern asian bedroom furniture

diy-ers and bloggers everywhere are usingikea furniture as blank canvases for upgrades, applying paint or switching out hardware toturn the basic products we know and love into custom pieces. whether you’re looking to spend less ona desk, or can’t quite seem to find the perfect bar cart, there’s probably an ikeahack that will let you change up an item to better suit your needs. we searched the internet to find the bestikea hacks, and found these beautiful ikea hack projects that are easy to re-create. 35 of the most brilliant diy ikea hacks ever:

1.drawers turned desk can’t find a desk big (or small) enough? just use these two $80 drawer units and acustom-sized surface for the top to make your own like shift interiors did here. 2.bookshelves turned home library three $60 bookcases can be placed together to create a fabulous home library completewith an envy-worthy ladder. drawers turned rustic filing cabinet this $30 chest of drawers can be easily transformed

into a rustic filing cabinet. 4.drawer chest turned chic bedside table a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer pulls transforms a $50 chest of drawers intoan elegant bedside table. bench turned functional small-spacemudroom at the start of a busy day, an organized mudroomis key to geting out the door on time. this $100 storage bench is the perfect baseto a functional storage space. rack turned herb garden have a green thumb?

this $13 wine rack doubles as a shelf fora mini herb garden. drawer turned shoe storage slap some wheels onto this $20 kitchen drawer for some dreamy shoe storage. 8.muffin pan turned herb garden so many things you can do with muffin tins! including this $15 one, which holds freshherbs which you can sprinkle on your meals. cabinet turned headboard $60 for a three pack of storage cabinets later,

and you’ve got yourself a brand new headboardthat also stores linens! perfect for a small space. 10.dresser turned desk with tons of storage turn this $149 three drawer dresser into a beautiful desk which will seamlessly fit intoa small space. 11.boring stool turned fun these $30 wood stools are calling for a makeover and are easy to transform into fun dip-stools. 12.wardrobe turned statement piece

give this $780 wardrobe a stylish, wallpapered makeover. 13.plastic stool turned chic faux mongolian perch these on-trend stools are everywhere at the moment (and most are super expensive.) this one costs $7 (!!) plus supplies. 14.standard white dresser turned chic side table yes, this $79 dresser can look like you splurged. 15.white dresser turned rustic

this white $200 dresser looks clean and sleek. 16.bed slats turned bathroom wall organizer a slatted $10 bed base can easily transform into wall storage for any room. 17.basic bunk bed turned decorative this $229 bunk bed frame offers the perfect canvas to get creative. 18.wooden dresser turned modern this $239 basic pine dresser can easily look

like a modern masterpiece. 19.steel plant shelf turned modern take this $27 steel plant stand up a decorative notch by adding on acacia wood details. 20.heat trivet becomes jewelry holder these $5 heat trivets (that come in a pack of three) make excellent wall jewellery holders. 21.plain round mirror turned stylish wall accessory attach some affordable leather belts to this

$30 mirror for additional character and style. cart turned chic bar cart/kitchenisland some paint, gold hardware and a new surfacemakes this an incredibly stylish kitchen piece. 23.crate turned pretty blanket storage a coat of paint on this $15 crate is all you need to make it a beautiful storage box forthrow pillows and blankets. 24.shelf turned desk this $48 shelf makes an excellent desk when you add some stylish legs.

25.heat trivets turned cork board stay organized with a custom cork board using these $5 heat trivets. 26.bookshelves turned kitchen island these $59 bookshelves make an excellent kitchen island with ample cookbook storage. 27.spice rack turned storage shelf these $4 spice racks can be easily painted and transformed into fun wall storage. trellis turned inspiration board this two-pack garden trellis is $13. hang it on your wall for an instant boardto hang inspiration and memos! 29.bookshelves turned stunning built-ins ever wonder how to make the $69 billy bookcase look like a sleek built-in? 30.bracket turned wall sconce make this ikea bracket the best $2 you’ve ever spent by making this beautiful diy wallsconce for your bedside.

31.boring chair turned glam a little spray paint and a furry throw blanket can make this simple ikea chair look supersnazzy. 32.classic rug turned fun grab some spray paint and acrylic paint and transform a $15 ikea rug into an adorabledoughnut that your guests will love! 33.plant pot turned pendant chandelier grab a few of these ikea planters to create a genius and beautiful pendant chandelierto light up your room.

34.lantern turned disco ball dã©cor this glitter lantern tutorial is super easy and would be the perfect addition to the nextparty you’re hosting. 35.laptop desk turned bar cart turn this $40 laptop desk into a beautiful, stylish bar cart.

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