midcentury modern bedroom furniture

midcentury modern bedroom furniture

hello everybody um today i am shootingon my vlogging camera because i thought it would be easier to tote aroundbecause as you guys probably know by the title of this video i am doing anapartment tour so i just moved into this apartment about a month and a half agoor so so it's been a work in progress it still is a work in progress it's notcompletely finished but it's probably not gonna be completely finished for afew months yet because i just kind of get things done slowly because i'm busyand i have a baby so i just kinda get things done when i can so i thought i'dgive a general apartment tour now and maybe do updated apartment tour later onwhenever it's completely done so one of

the things that i'm really reallypassionate about is interior design i love interior design i've always lovedi've always been a really creative like artistic type of person so having thisapartment has really allowed me to you know to let my mental creativity flowand give myself my ideal environment which actually has been quite healthyfor me i feel happier and more at peace in a place that i can do with as i pleaseso i'm excited to invite you guys into my home and show you guys around and ihope that it gives you some inspiration my home i feel is quite mid-centurymodern and i think it has a pretty nice aesthetic so i hope that you guys likeit

first of all i have these two adorableframes they're from ikea and one says cafe and the other one gelati and itjust has like different types of coffee and gelato and italian so i reallythought that added a nice touch as you enter the kitchen now also as you comeover here there's a little welcome rug that says hello that's just where peopletake off their shoes and wipe their feet before they walk here onto the carpetand here is a view of my kitchen we'll start at the island so this goldbowl is from anthropologie and i actually got it on sale and i reallyreally love it now right now it's empty but usually we have like little fruitsin there like peaches or limes or

something like that oh gosh i probablyshould have filled this up prior to this video but here i have a cookie jarsusually all the way full but i haven't filled it in like a week and mygrandparents love cookie so as you can see it's quite empty but here i havelike a little tray it's this little like pounded metal tray and it's gold and ijust keep this nice little sparkling lemonade on it this cookie jar and thenthese honey straws and then i also put my keys here whenever i get back so ihave my apartment keys and my car keys there here i have a nice candle so thiscandle is called breathe and it is from targetso my island right now is a little bit

of a mess because i haven't reallyfinished organizing it yet like i said there's a lot of things in thisapartment that i need to finish so here is what do you call this the faucet soit's really cool because like it comes out and if you press this little buttonit'll like spray and everything so it's really nice for washing dishes and thenright here i also have a dishwasher which makes my life much easier and herei have a kitchen mat which i'm really not the biggest fan of so probablywhenever i find something better i'll switch it out so over here is my pantryand i'll show you guys my really full pantry now it looks messy but it isactually organized like i have a system

of what goes in each shelf and whatnotand then this is probably my favorite bit now we're almost out of paper towelswhen you switch this out but this is my marble paper towel holder and this isfrom target and then this is the granite that came with the apartment but ireally like it i would have preferred probably allwhite but this is a nice granite and it's good quality and i do my best tokeep it clean and in good use and then here i have a little juice holder sousually supposed to be here in front of the outlet so that's just kind of therefor decoration but i do use it but i also use it to cover up this outletand i have these really nice lights

right here so here i have a water jugwhich is usually full of water but now it's almost empty so i need to refill itand then here i have two cups one says monsieur and the other one says madamethat's like me anak shaye's cups and then here there's a fake plant it's justgrass my god that from ikea and here i have a water jug which i use to water myreal plants that i really like it's a really nice color i was a very softgreen and also i used it to cover up a plug this is a bit silly cuz i'mprobably never gonna use it but i really liked it and it wasn't too expensive itwas probably i think $15 and i got it from target and this is beautiful likerose copper and marble rolling pin it's

actually very heavy so i can to keep itfar away from the edge of the counter that way the baby can't grab it oranything and then over here is a pounded metal hole so again i know it's emptybut usually we keep bananas in there right here i have my mortal and pestleso i use that whenever i'm cooking so i keep it close to the stove i use thatfor a garlic and other things like that here i have my everyday tea that iswhat's inside so i just have like a camel niall tea inside so i also keepthat close to the stove because i pretty much use that everyday here i have aspoon holder so whenever i'm cooking my dirty spoon doesn't go on my nightsgranite just goes on here which i can

easily wash and it says betsy we go onit and has like a little like that's a leaf i got this from tj maxx then therei have my olive oil because that is like my essential cooking ingredients so ihave it right next to my stove and here is my stove so i have an electric stovenot a gas stove but that's okay because i don't really cook anything complicatedso an electric stove works just fine for me and it's a lot easier to keep cleanand i just feel like it looks sleeker and then this is just a pot that i keepon the stove because it's kind of like an everyday pot that i use to make teasoup other things boil the baby's water so i got this pot i think this is fromtarget and i really like the silver with

the copper i think it looks very niceand it wasn't that expensive either and then here i have these nice englishcottage tea towels so these are like a mint greeni feel like it gives the whole kitchen a really nice touch if you notice i have alot of green in my kitchen and that is just to give a more natural soothingfeel to it and then here is my stove and down here i have this tool i use thistool because i'm too short to reach a lot of this cabinets but here i havewith baking items so i have like a kick back here and like a loaf train yesthey're pink coz i'm extra like that and i have like muffins stuff and pizza rackin a normal rack so i use those whenever

i'm like making stuff in the oven here'sour microwave which i try not to use too often because it's not very healthy toeat things from a microwave um here is my spice rack so i actually that'swalmart and i usually don't like anything from walmart but i saw it and ithought it was pretty cute so in here i have like turmeric cinnamon red chilipepper add a few others things here's a coffee machine but i don't really use itthis isn't what my grandparents use so a grandpa others are staying with me rightnow because they helped me out with the baby during the day so i can get somework done so a lot of their stuff is around

so here i keep some like grains andbeans and things like that in little containers so you're out of brown sugarpistachio spaghetti rice beans lentils and white sugar and then here is thebaby shelf so i literally keep everything of the babies here like allof his little food and bowls and formula and then up there i just have like extrathings like extra sugar extra flour some sippy cups some extra pasta here's wherei keep all of my utensils so i use all of these you know to cook and everythingthese are my nice silverware for whenever goldware i guess whenever ihave people over i have my everyday silverware over there which i'll showyou an event these are all of my cooking

utensils soup ladle wooden spoon oh ilove these she's really pretty gold little measuring spoons oh and then these are the floors of mykitchen so it's a really nice like cream marbled tile and i really like it it'svery easy to keep clean and yeah so i hope you like my kitchen tour and nowwe're gonna move on to the dining room so now we are in my dining room here's afull view of it so my dining room moves you can see it'spretty fair and simple here i have some blue chairs and pink chair and i havethe opposite on each side so i got these from ikea feel like it's quite a nice60s vibe that i have with that and then

here i have some gray placemats that sayone appetit i got those from target and this dining table is just square whitesleek that is for my key as well i really love it it's easy to keep cleanand then here i have some coasters or marble they have my salt and peppershakers and here i have a water jog that again is usually full right now it's nothere on this wall i plan on having i actually bought them i have likedifferent shades of pink coat hangers to put on the walls that'll look reallyreally nice up here i have this paris picture that i've had for a very longtime and i wasn't quite sure never i moved to where i was going to put it buti think that it looks quite nice here

let me turn i think it looks quite nicehere in the dining room it kind of gives a good touch because it matches with mygray placemats and it's a great painting so it goes very very well and it's sleekas well now over here i have a little white glass cabinet so here are justkind of have things from around the world that i've gotten my god this vasefrom andalusia and spain ron de lucia here i have a mask that i bought invenice here i have a taj mahal a porcelain taj mahal that i bought inindia um here i have a little russian doll that i bought in budapest there ihave a painting that i bought on granada inspain and then there i just have a

little green buddha for good luck and noi did not buy that in china cuz i got bin yeah i bought that in chinatown innew york but i plan on going to china someday soon so yeah this is my diningroom there's a trim nothing special but i plan on improving this like i said buti think for now it's nice and it functions and it looks quite prettynow it's time to move on to see my desk so i'm gonna go ahead and warn you guysmy desk is a little bit messy because i haven't really finished organizing it oranything like that but i'll show you guys what i have so far so here is mydesk at a glance this is my lamp so i got this for my key i really like it tome it kind of feels like eighteen

hundred's - like inventor style so ireally like the look of it and it's gold here i have this little london traywhere i keep the little paper clips and things like that there's some magnetshere is my pencil holder so it's paris and i really like it i just have like myeveryday highlighters pens and pencils up here i have a lot of good storagespace so that's nice is that a glance this is what it looks like so it'sactually a quite organized next i'm going to take you to see my living roomso now welcome to my living room so up here i have this gold clock nowhere i've been wanting to hang little shelves but we kind of had an issue withthat said this wall is not really done

yet i might put like a table there ifound this really pretty mint table at target i might put there put somepicture frames on and whatnot right now that i have really has is that clock andthe air conditioning system here i have this really nice lamp so again it's kindof like industrial kind of 60s style i got this from ikea and it's white andgold and it gives a nice light unto the couch now here this is kind of random ijust because i really don't know what to do with this i bought this banana leafwith this vase and i haven't really had a place to put it so for now it's justkind of there but that might change so here is my sofa now i have this pinkkate spade throw and it's really soft

and fluffy now this sofa is italianleather and my mom actually gifted it to us because she wasn't really using itmuch so that's where we got this couch from here i have to throw pillows thisone has like gold and turquoise geometric holes on it and i got thatfrom tj maxx this one's pi my favorite pillow so ithink it's very very 60s and i got this from target and i love the colours in itbecause it kind of ties my whole apartment together with the pink and thewhite and the gold so i just think it adds i really nice bring together touchhere i'll mustard like velvety pillow i think it goes quite nicely so yeahthere's my throw pillows up here i have

this really cute mint green print of a1950's car so i really like mint and pink if you guys cannot tell already soi feel like this really also brings the whole living room together like once iput it in i was like ok the living room is finished so over here i have someplants hanging up there i had like a plant hanger and here i have someindustrial edison bulbs so i usually turn those on in the evening and theylook nice against the greenery of the plantso here i have a big tropical plant and here i have a copper side table which igot from target and then i have this copper rose gold reading light which iactually used because this is my

favorite spot in the living room so iusually use that whenever i'm reading a book at night here i have this reallynice white throw with gold flakes in it if you can see it and i got this fromtarget and i also got this one probably a while back i had it in my old room andthen i just thought that the pink would look nice here especially for spring soi really like this see i think it's very sleek but it's at the ground and i gotthis from ikea i think i was like 250 dollars or so and it's reallycomfortable i always sit here i have it right by the window so it has a lot ofgood light back here is my tripod because if you might notice this is alsowhere i shoot my youtube videos so i

just keep my tripod back there here ihave a little bit of a gallery wall that i'm still working on here is our windowwith our curtain so our curtains are kind of a mint green and they're sheerso they still let all of the light in and it adds a really nice touch here ihave the baby swing so i put this out in the living room because it matchespretty well and there's also no room in his room right now and then there's thecats bed and that's where the cat sleeps hello i'm gonna say hi you know i justdisturbed his nap sorry here i have this really nice carpet so at first i wasn'tquite sure how it was going to look in here but then once it was in i reallyliked it so it has mustard light pink

like green and gray and i just reallylike the colors because the mustard matches my throw pillow that's mustardthe pink matches basically a lot of things like my throw my pillow my sofathe green the like the this kind of green right here i don't really knowwhat you'd call this it matches like a lot of the other greens that i have andthen this is my coffee table so i got this from target and i really love it ifeel it's very very 60s i'm gonna keep saying that because i was kind of thewhole theme i was going for so it has like these um this gold legs and a seanotice i didn't get something that had really sharp edges these ones are kindof curved because i have a baby that's

gonna be walking soon so hopefully thiswill not hurt them too bad and then here i have some nice coasters wheneverpeople are sitting on the stove fun having their drinks and then here i havea coffee table tray so it is gold you guys might have seen this in my homewhere hall gold on the outside and marble on the inside is actually veryvery heavy and then have some coffee table books the ones i have is i haveparis through the fashion i because i love paris and i have the little book oflife hacks which i just thought looked really nice my whole aesthetic here ispretty much white and pink and it's very interesting like little little hacks foranybody that's just sitting on the sofa

and would like to flip through this andthen here i have captured your style by amy song it's basically about instagrami've been meaning to up my instagram game and actually try to be you knowmore artistic about it but i haven't really started that yet but i'm goingaway to london pretty soon so i plan on taking some really artsy pictures thereand making a really nice grid and starting timming my instagram look muchbetter now under it i actually have some magazines in tissue box but under i alsolike how this is wood i think it adds kind of a nice touch so i don't reallyhave any wood in the house so i feel like this adds a nice little bit ofdifference so this is kind of put

together kind of not so on the top thereis going to be a tv on it we just haven't gotten that yeah it's up justkind of fills it up so there we have our amazon elects so that i got akshay forchristmas i just have a really nice white porcelain eiffel tower i have somefake plants from ikea one in a pink one and green because obviously i'm thinkinggreen all over the house i also had this copper world because i love to traveland also love the colour and the aesthetic of itso i thought this looked nice here and then i have been a ballet dancer formost of my life just kind of add a personal touch to my home because dancemeans the world to me and then here i

have like this pink lantern which ihaven't actually used yet but i plan on turning it on here i have some posterboard with some plans for blogs and youtube that's all secret and down therei actually have a lamp that i got from spain it's this arabian lampi need to get a converter to plug it into the wall because it has a spanishplug so once i do that i'm gonna find a place for it and use that then these twodrawers i just kind of keep like a first aid kit the babies play mat a few otherbits like a toolkit and whatnot it's good storage then up here i have somevery modern prints so they also they also look pretty 60s and the colors arequite out there compared to the rest of

my apartment but because this wall isjust so white and kind of bare i feel like it fits really welland it takes up a lot more of the wall then it looks like it does on camera soright now my battery is flashing so i'm gonna take a break oh my god i forgot toshow you guys this lamp lamp from ikea it's really cool because it'll closelike that for like dimmer light and then it'll open like that so i really like itit's a fixture that we had to put up ourselves so we got to take it down whenwe leave but i love it and it adds such a nice touch to the living room but yeahmy battery is flashing so i'm gonna charge my battery and then i'm gonnashow you guys my room in the bathroom

and a few other places

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