mid century modern farmhouse bedroom

mid century modern farmhouse bedroom

hi everyone my name is kelsey and my name is becky and we are the sorry girls and this is one of the best makeovers i think that we've done in a while. that's true! so if you guys haven't seen (um) our ikea as is video we went to ikea to find something from the as is section and we just missed out on this like the cube kallax it's called. yeah, by like two seconds someone sniped it from us. pinterest loves these. yeah. so maybe something there, and i feel like they've had these for so long. yeah. this is like an original ikea product and they're still selling it. i swear. so there's lots of people that will be able to relate to this, this is a good idea and you guys in the comments were like "oh, i wish you could have done that" well guess what? we're doing it. we're doing it. i think this is a very like well loved ikea item a lot of people own it

so we figured that some of you may own it as well so want to give you advice and how you can upcycle it and make it so cute. yeah, so this is kind of like a dorm room storage inspired project and just making the whole thing way cuter cause yeah, as is it's a little like bland. a lot of you guys asked for more storage solutions so this is a perfect example of one of those as well. yeah so let's jump in on showing you how we upcycle this but first i'd love it if you guys subscribe to this channel as well as our vlog channel because i think some of you still don't know that we have a vlog channel and we post there every week behind the

scenes, um some pretty funny videos. becky's bachelorette just more personal stuff over there. go subscribe. yeah, you should go check it out. all right let's get into it! alright so the standard ikea cube shelf comes with one long shelf through the middle and two smaller shelves on the top and the bottom carefully unscrew the top and pull out the top small shelf. use pliers to remove or trim down any exposed wooden dowels. rescrew the top back in place flip the cube on its side so that the single long shelf runs vertically. now we're adding a backing onto our shelving unit

we have this piece of white mdf pre-cut to 29 inches by 29 inches at the hardware store hammer some small finishing nails into the mdf with the white side facing down now that we have a back. it's already starting to come together alright, so now it's time to add the legs, we chose to do this to raise it up so its a little bit more convenient and it just looks so much better when you add legs, so we have four of these furniture legs they're walnut, and they're six inches long so to add the legs onto the furniture we're actually going to use this hardware straight top plate so you screw this into the furniture and then you can screw the legs into this and it keeps everything nice and secure we spaced our plates three-quarters of an inch in from the side. mark each of the holes with a pencil.

when the legs are screwed into the plates you'll see the end of the legs stick out farther than the plate to make space for this bit to go we'll be drilling a deeper hole into each corner of the cabinet in the center of the plates adding tape to your drill bit can help make sure you don't drill all the way through the bottom of the cabinet drill a hole into each of the center dots screw the plates in place on top and then screw in the feet! so since we took out that one shelf in our shelf... we're going to use that empty long space as the closet for even more storage so from the hardware store

we picked up these two pieces that are closet hanging hardware pieces and we cut a piece of wooden dowel that fits nicely inside of our open space now so we're gonna take both of these and screw them on the inside of our shelf center it and close to the top so the next step is to make the doors of our cabinet. we got this pine wood they were six feet long by 16 inches wide and about three quarters of an inch thick um. we ended up getting it cut to 14 inches by 27 and three-quarters inches so this way's gonna fit nicely on the front of our ikea cabinet and we want these to match the legs that we bought so we're going to stain them a nice chestnut we did three coats of stain followed by a clear top coat lightly sanding in between each of the coats.

all right, the doors are stained and they look really good the whole thing looks really good but these doors are gonna add an amazing final touch, so the first thing we're going to do is install our two hinges on each side so that we can attach them to the front of our cabinet we decided to place our hinges four inches up from the bottom in the top of the door. so our next step is to add some handles we got these gorgeous huge handles from anthropologie. we'll definitely link them below. these are gonna make the whole thing look so luxe before we add them onto the cabinet we're going to put on the handles. we center the handles midway down the door and mark where

the holes would need to go. we drilled two holes for each handle and then added them on laying the cabinet on the floor face up it makes this next step a lot easier. center the doors on the front of the cabinet we added roughly one inch space all the way around the doors if you find it hard to stop the screws from sliding around when you're trying to drill them in, an awl is super helpful for making a groove for the screw to sit in as a final step we screwed some gold c hooks into the door for added storage alright. i hope you guys enjoyed this again like i'm so amazed by how wonderful it turned out like i've seen these mid-century modern inspired things in furniture stores for like thousands of dollars, so we did this from ikea, and that's pretty amazing

yeah, i think we like chalked it up to like 120 bucks total which is pretty good? which is a lot, but it's also not a lot for something that looks like this yeah i don't think so and like if you could find one of these on (um) like kijiji or craigslist or if you already own one yeah, or if you use cheaper knobs, cause our knobs were really expensive then yeah you could like totally like make this for a lot cheaper yeah, if you guys do anything like this, please send it to us on instagram, or use hashtag sorry girl squad because i really really really want to see you guys do this. yeah!

thank you guys for watching this video if you liked it make sure you give it a like, if you love it make sure you sub it and we'll see you next time! bye!

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