mid century modern blonde bedroom furniture

mid century modern blonde bedroom furniture

(upbeat music) - [announcer] the homehunter with tiffany hunter. for more than 34 years,the home hunter has been helping people findtheir dream home and learn abouthome-related products. brought to you in part by arizona wholesaleand those callaways. - hi, welcome to the homehunter's 35th anniversary show. don't panic.

tiffany's still thehostess of the show, but i wanted to takea second to thank all of our wonderfulviewers and clients for making the homehunter successful and the longest running realestate talk show in the us. - i'm just fortunate to be ableto carry on the home hunter and continue to helpyou find your dream home with your help,i hope to be here for many more years to come.

right now, i guesswe better get started on our first showof our 36th year. i'm here on locationwith mary hoyt, and we are at this beautifultoll brothers community, and it's theoverlook at firerock. - yes, uh-huh. - okay, tell usabout this community. - well, what we're offeringhere is a low maintenance, lock and leave lifestyle,a country club lifestyle

because we do have access tothe firerock country club. for our buyers, we haveone and two-story options ranging in square foot fromjust under 1,700 to mid 1,800 on our one-stories,and all the way up to about 3,500 onour two-story homes. - [tiffany] wow,that is a huge range. and the views outhere are phenomenal. i cannot get overthe mountain views. you've got some ofthe golf course views.

- [mary] well, we have thebeautiful red earth of firerock. and we have the putting green. we have the driving range. we have the 10thhole, the golf course. we have the mcdowell mountainsin the distance, four peaks. so yeah, with beautifulviews all around. - [tiffany] it really is. and what are theprices going for here? - [mary] in the one-stories,they start in the low sixes,

and the two-storiesstart in the low sevens. - [tiffany] that isactually really great for this location, these views. and i do love the wholeconcept of the lock and leave because there's a lot ofpeople that don't want to have to maintain the yard or thepool or any of those things. - [mary] exactly. - [tiffany] this isdefinitely the find for them. so when people are wanting,because i tell them they have

to jump in their car andcome out and check it out, how exactly would youtell them to get here? - [mary] the bestway is from the 101. just go east on shea. just past palisades, itwill be your next right on firerock country club drive. - [tiffany] okay,well, like i said, people need to comeand check it out. and then also, theycan go to the website,

find any otherinformation there. - mm-hmm,tollbrothers.com/firerock. - perfect. thank you. - thank you. - i know a lot of peopleout there hear hoa and they want to run,but you must not have city property managementbecause brian lincks and sara saiz can tell youexactly why we should use them.

- contact city property. - [tiffany] i know. - you'll love your hoa. we wanna make yourhoa a friendly place where everybody feels goodabout where they live. it's easy to change. we shouldn't be afraid of hoas. they do good things, but youneed the right hoa company. - [tiffany] that's whythey need you guys.

- you really need tocontact city property. - yeah. well, you guys have somany benefits of having you as a property management. - that's right. we have a lot ofwonderful technology that keeps ourhomeowners engaged. we have a homeowner portal,we have a board portal, and we have a app thateverybody can download

on their smartphone. so we're reallyexcited about it. we want to make surethat everybody knows what's going on intheir association and that we keep everythingvery transparent. so give us a call. - exactly. they do, they need to dothat, and they need to do that right away because thereare so many people,

there are so many benefits,first of all, for the hoa. like we said, people are scared. they wanna run. but i mean the safety,the convenience, the look of how thecommunity will be, there's so many things,but they do need you. - communication. - yes, absolutely. - we wanna communicatedwith residents

and bring them together. we wanna solve issues. - i like that. all right, well, everybodyneeds to call you. - give us a call. - right, thanks forjoining us again. - thank you so much. - i know there's a lot of peopleout there looking to move, and we have tad allies withace relocation systems.

and you're gonna tell us howit's nice and easy to move. - nocostmove.com. - we work with supremelending, great lender, all across the united states. if you're moving in or out, itdoesn't make any difference, whether you're buying or sellingyour home, if you're moving within the state of arizona,we will move you for free. it's included in the moveas long as the realtor is working with thesupreme lending folks.

it's a fantastic program. - [tiffany] that is wonderful. - [tad] it is. and if you're moving out ofstate, 1% of the sale price of the home goes towardsthe cost of the move. and it is truly no cost to them. it doesn't comeoff their escrow. there's no hiddenanything in there. it's just straight up a greatprogram to be a part of.

- that is fantastic. and even if they'renot doing that, whether they'rerenting or anything, obviously, you guys can comein and really take care of 'em. - we're still a full servicemoving and storage company, been around since 1968. and yes, we do afantastic job everyday. - i know you definitely do. and even if you guyswanna have it packed up,

i know there's a lot ofpeople that don't wanna take the time or don't have the time to actually pack theboxes, do all that. and i know you guys providethat service as well. so you really do make itnice and easy on everybody. - hey, we try to make itas stress free as possible whether you're movingacross the street or across the country. - i like it.

and they should get on the phone and try to schedule insteadof wait till the last minute. - the sooner, the better. - that's good advice. - planning, planning, planning,always, always, always. - a lot of people don't thinkabout it for some reason until the last minute. - it costs nothing forsomebody, one of our sales folks to come out and doa survey of the home

and come up with aweight and estimate, and then they havelots of time to budget. - fantastic. all right, well, they allneed to give you a call. thanks for joining us. - we have an amazingcommunity to hear about today, and we have clinton carrollfrom providence homes. tell us about this community. - well, tiffany, it's oureast valley community.

we've been a builder since 1988. - [tiffany] wow. - yes, and this is our littlehidden gem in the east valley that few peopleactually know about. - [tiffany] really? - yes, so it's really forthat buyer who's looking for a little bit larger lot, who'slooking for really value. and we say that becauseour starting size of a lot is 6,600 square feet.

- oh, wow. - yes, yes. and our starting home size isactually 1,935 square feet. so it's really forthat person that wants a little bit more spacefrom their neighbor and-- - [tiffany] and that's nice because they don't feel likethey're on top of each other. we offer double gates, so thatusually gives you the idea that, hey, you'renot gonna be able

to hear the neighbor that well. - well, and i know there'sso much around that area too. it's explosive, actually. just recently, mesaactually overtook, i believe it wasin july this year. mesa overtook phoenixfor building permits for an actual month, andthat was largely derived from the zip codethat our community, keighley place,actually resides in.

- oh, fantastic. okay, real quick, whatare the prices in this? - okay, so we're gonnastart in the 250s and go up to the 350s. - oh, wonderful. all right, well, people needto get a hold of you right away because i know theywill definitely beinterested in this. yes, definitely. we're at 480-354-6200,

or of course, thewebsite, provhomes.com. well, thanks for joining us. - thanks for having me, tiffany. - when was the last timeyou needed a plumber. i bet it hasn'tbeen that long ago, and you probably didn't haveany idea of who to call. well, we have just theright company for you, pruitt's plumbing. great plumbing doesn'thave to be expensive.

you can call for a free estimate and just see how affordablea great plumber can be. it can be as simple as aleaky faucet or clogged drain, or you may want toupgrade your old system, even take a look atyour hot water heater. they can go over all thebenefits of a tankless hot water heater or just help youreplace the one you've got. pruitt's plumbing even has a 24/7 emergencyplumbing repair service.

whether you'rebuilding a new home, remodeling, orjust need repairs, pruitt's plumbing isthe company for you. pruitt's plumbing, greatpeople, affordable prices, and the right plumbingcompany for you. call pruitt's plumbingtoday at 602-944-8777, or visit their websiteat pruittsplumbingaz.com. pruitt's plumbing, forall your plumbing needs. that's 602-944-8777.

i'd like to welcomewith us today krista kennedy withoverture kierland. okay, so tell us a little bit about what's going on with this. i know this is a new 55and over adult community, and it's supposed to belike something different from what we've got. tell me all about this. - it is.

it's absolutely different fromwhat you normally think of for a 55-plus community. and active adult is absolutely what we're looking forand what we're all about. so we have redesigned the ideaby creating this soul program which enables us togive our residents education, technology,fitness programs. - [tiffany] oh, i love it. - arts and crafts.

we do a lot of socialactivities, so happy hours. we do wine and cheese tastings. the sky is really the limit. - [tiffany] well,and that is so nice because that seems likethat kind of sets it apart from some of theother communities. because i know there'sother active living adult communities, but thisone sounds a lot different. - absolutely.

so our communities haveactivity coordinators that are on site to customizethe calendar of events for our residentsand what they want. and so it's reallytheir heart's desire. and we're constantlymeeting with our residents to see if they likewhat we're doing, if they wanna make any changes. and we're not limited towhat we have available in our communities,at our properties.

the overture line hasbeen very thoughtful about where theyplace the community. we want to be in locationsthat have easy access to great restaurants,shopping, outdoor activities so that we're gettingout in the community and going on adventuresand exploring. and so we're very busy, and we're having a lotof fun all the time. - well, i love it, andi know it's basically,

this is somethingcoming in 2018. so people need tobe checking this out because i know there'sa lot of people that are gonna be wantingto be involved in this. so we are alreadystarting to pre-lease. doors will open our firstapartments september 1st, 2018. but you can reserveyour apartment now, and we'd be happy togo over any details. - i love it.

all right, well, thank youso much for joining us today. it's very nice to meet you. - you too. more great homebuys and interestinginformation coming up right after thesemessages, so don't go away. - when you're shoppingfor a new home, everyone needs appliances,and do we have a deal for you. arizona wholesale isthe largest whirlpool and kitchenaid distributorto home builders.

they have hundreds ofmodel home returns. wrong color, model, orsmall dent, these returns are now offered to thepublic at phenomenal savings, up to 50% off retail, allnew, full factory warranty. now open to the public, warehouse location at2020 east university. call 602-516-1545. now why would you pay full price when you can geta deal like this?

- having a cleanhome is so nice, and we have karina cruz fromvalley sparkle cleaning. and i know you guys clean myhome and do a fantastic job. tell people about your companyand some of the stuff you do. - well, we're afamily-owned company, so we manage everything. we do have the same crewscoming out to your house all the time just so you canfeel comfortable with them. we do office cleaning.

we do residential cleaning. we also do windows andjunk removal as well. so we deal with alot of move ins, move outs if youbought a new home. and we'll go there,get it cleaned so you can be ready to move in. - [tiffany] well, andthat's what's so nice, especially if you've justmoved in or moved out. that is such a critical timethat people don't even realize.

you don't have timeto do it yourself, and you guys can come in andmake it so nice to move in to for whether it is the buyeror seller, so i love that. but also, whether theywanna do weekly, monthly, they can pretty much set upanything with you, correct? - [karina] yeah, wehave weekly cleanings, biweekly, andmonthly, once a month, and then just recurringservices that we offer. and obviously, we wouldgive you a better discount

since you are gonnabe a recurring client. - i was gonna say and i knowit's more financially better if they are, whether it's-- - yeah, you'll save. - yes, you save the money,and we all like that. we want the clean house. we wanna be able to save ourmoney, and we like all that. so people just needto give you a call and get on your schedule.

- yes, and then wehave really good prices going on right now. so you can call usand just let us know that you're calling fromthe home hunter show, and we'll give you agood discount on that. well, thanks forjoining us again. - [dianne] are your treesgetting a little out of hand and you don't know who to call? then pick up the phone

and call trees by miketoday at 602-579-8733. mention the home hunterand get an extra 10% off of any job that's $500 or more. they do a fantastic service. call today, 602-579-8733, or visit their websiteat treesbymike.com. - i'm happy to have backwith us today my mom, dianne hunter, talkingabout those callaways, which we love becausethey're so trustworthy.

and i mean they cando so much for people whether they're buyingor selling a home. and i love their website because there's somuch information. but i do know you havea home to tell us about. - i have an unbelievablebeauty to tell you about. it's a golden heritage home, and it's situated in asecure gated community. and the home has over 5,000square feet and is a split

floor plan offering five ensuites and six bathrooms. - [tiffany] oh, that's crazy. - [dianne] the sunnyliving room has soaring 12-foot tray ceilingsand is back dropped by an over 30-footwall of windows. can you imagine? - [tiffany] oh, beautiful. - [dianne] showcasing endlessview of the mountain peaks. the kitchen is just gorgeous.

it has beautifulblonde cabinetry, slabgranite countertops, and all the stainlessand cabinet-front built-in appliances youcould possibly desire. a three-sided fireplace opens to the fabulous diningroom and family room. additional featuresinclude two wet bars, dual pane windows,and a butler's pantry. and you will fall inlove with the outside just as much asyou do the inside,

pebble-finished poolwith spillover spa, waterfalls, fire features,and amazing views. i mean what'sreally not to love? and it's priced at $1,250,000. - wow, that's actually agreat deal for that home. - it is for that. i mean that's over 5,000square feet, six bedrooms. all they have to do iscall those callaways. - yup, thanks.

- i love it when davidpritchett jr. comes to see me from hacienda lighting becauseyou always bring cool stuff. - i try to. - i know. what do we have today? - today, this is anonyx bowl from mexico. there's a companythat i work with called rare earthgallery in carefree. they have a showroomdown there, and they put

some of their products inour showroom to sell too. so this is a real onyx bowl. you can feel how heavy it is. - oh, my gosh, it'sreally heavy. (laughs) - so a beautifulcenterpiece, dining table-- - it is gorgeous. - foyer tables,things like that. they do all kindsof different shapes. they have some thatare shaped like leaves.

they can pretty muchcustomize this stuff for you, big sizes, small sizes,little change holder sizes. they do pillars thatare up to six feet tall that are lit withled light inside. so all this is shiny. it's amazing stuff. they're really pretty.- well, it's funny because you don't thinkabout something like this in a lighting place becauseyou guys have everything,

the ceiling fans, thelights, everything. when i sayeverything, i now mean everything thatyou have in there. - [david] yeah, welike to remind people that we have things otherthan ceiling fans and lights. - [tiffany] well,exactly, and i love that. and i do always say they haveto come in and see everything that you do have becauseit's an amazing showroom. - [david] especiallyin the next few months

because we have all new productscoming out at our market. it was just a few weeks ago, so there's a lot of new ceilingfans and lights coming out in the next couple of months,in the march, april timeframe. and then we'll berunning several sales during that timeframe too,so come down and see us. - [tiffany] oh, then theydefinitely need to make sure they're checking it out. - yup.

- all right, well, thanksfor joining us again. - [dianne] in thishome hunter spotlight, we want to showyou desert ambition and desert intriguefrom shea homes. both are located in vistanciawith its numerous amenities. this home builder offerstheir patented shea 3d concept so you can see your homecustomizations in 3d. they offer eight designsthat range from 1,700 to 3,000 square feet andonly priced in the mid-200s.

for more informationon these communities, call 480-367-3654, or visit their websiteat sheahomes.com. - i always love it when lisagiacomino comes and visits us from monterrey tile becausewe get fun stuff like this. - yes. - all right, what dowe have here today? - we have an italian tilemade by a world-renowned italian manufacturercalled campogalliano.

- kinda like my last name. (women laugh) it is in stock at our store, and it's available in fivewonderful contemporary colors. one of the neat thingsabout this tile-- - [tiffany] it's beautiful. - it's not only offeredin this hot 12 by 24 size, but it's also availablein large format, 18 by 36. - oh, nice.

- the 18 by 36 are greatfor giving you very little grout joints for showersor a large floor project. but the cool thing about thistile is it looks a little bit like well worn wood but alittle bit like cement too. so it's like the perfect mix, and it gives you avery contemporary,modern, clean look. - [tiffany] oh,i really love it. i mean as we know, you have so many differentoptions out there.

- [lisa] yes. - people need to goin and check it out. and i know i'm always saying,"hey, get an appointment first "so that they get your kindof undivided attention." but i know people can goin, you know, i don't know. so let's just go inand check out this because there is somuch to take in anyway. - there is. it's a good idea to makean appointment if you want

that one on one attentionto help with design, but we always welcomewalk-in guests as well. - and everybodyneeds to get in there and definitely seeall the fun stuff because i know someone canuse something that's there. - oh, yes. we have everythingfrom tile to wood, vinyl, as well as carpet. - all right, well, peopleneed to check it out today.

- i know there's a lotof people out there wanting to remodel, andwe have nick mccully and nathan pierce with strongtower homes and construction. okay, first, i know peoplereally love this idea. tell people about whatyour company kinda does. - well, the basics are we're a full servicegeneral contractor. so from a residentialpoint of view, we do everything from basicremodel and repair work

all the way up to newhome construction. - which i love that youguys do, but i also love when people are goingto sell their homes, what you can dofor them as well. - yeah, we have a programthat's unique to us here in the valley called the zerodown presale remodel program where if you're gettingready to sell your home but you know it has a lotof deferred maintenance, or a leaky roof, or a bad acunit, we can actually come in

before you list thehome, remodel it for you. you put nothing down. - [tiffany] that's crazy. - [nathan] you don't payfor it until the home sells. - [tiffany] that'ssuch a great idea. - [nathan] and youkeep all the equity, so you sell the homefor a lot more money with basically zeromoney out of pocket. - [tiffany] okay,and like i said,

so many people areremodeling anyway, and they do wanna just,to keep their homes. but yes, when you're going tosell, there are so many people that are like, oh, in orderto get the extra cost in it, and that's so coolthat you guys do that. i'm like dumbfounded here. this is so exciting thatyou'd end up doing these. so from ground up,it doesn't matter. you guys can take care of it

as well as when they're selling. - yeah, all remodelingneeds and then definitely sprucing the house upto get it ready to sell. and if those numbers don'tmake sense, we can simply make a cash off around the homeand buy it right there. well, thank you,guys, for joining us. - we have with us today the fabulous mark bucarwith arizona wholesale. - wow.

- i know, right? - how about that. - we're spicing it up. tell everybody aboutarizona wholesale. - well, as i say all the time, we're a 72-year-oldfamily-owned company. we have three great locations, one in tucson, one inphoenix, one in scottsdale. and we pride ourselveson customer service.

everybody that works inthe flooring department, in the appliance side, all 10,12, 20, 25 years experience. - so when you come in, you're gonna meet friendlypeople, very professional. they know all the retailprograms, the builder programs, so you're gonnaget the best price. - and there's amazing products. - and the products, we'realways putting on the newest, and the greatest,and the latest.

scottsdale, for example, allnew sub-zero, wolf showroom, all new miele, all new decor. we're getting ready to revamp all the thermador area,beautiful cabinets. you could see how it looks. and we try to keep thelatest and the greatest so when you come in, and we're open forwalk-in traffic. we're in the scottsdaledesign center,

and we get a lot ofpeople walking in, and you have a greatexperience with us. - well, and i'malways telling people that they can go in andsee the little vignettes and see kind of whatthings are gonna look like. and i know you have,besides just the appliances, you have the flooring and the-- - and with the appliances-- - you've got so manydifferent things.

- you're right. we try to put thelatest back splashes when we're showingthe thermador kitchen. - [tiffany] it's gorgeous, yeah. - it's the latesttiles and granite so you get to see thecabinets are beautiful. so you really-- - it's a good experience, so everybody needsto come check it out.

- absolutely, we'd love it. - thanks for joining us again. - thanks. - i'm very excitedto have with us today rod cullum with cullum homes. okay, and i know you'vegot exciting things because i want you totell everybody about this. but first, tell people kind of what you do with your company.

- well, we're acustom home builder. we've been designing andbuilding homes for 30 years, and we also do some selectprojects in town that include the mountain shadowsproject at 56th and lincoln. - [tiffany] beautiful. - [rod] yeah. the ferrari in the basement,you have to see it. - [tiffany] oh, yeah. - [rod] and thenwe have our project

at 3950 east lincolnat the village. we have about eight homesleft to go in there. we're doing a project atsilverleaf of 19 homes. so we build in the $2 to$3 million range typically. - and they are gorgeous,gorgeous homes that you built. well, and we get to do the architecture on'em and design it, and that's the fun thing wewanted to show you today. - okay, and this thing isthe coolest thing ever.

- so this is a home. so as we design our homes,instead of doing it in a plan and then drawing a rendering, we're doing it in avirtual environment. and so you can just putthese on as you did earlier and just look out.- and it is so cool. once you turn around, youcan see the entire home 360.- 360. you can see the ceilingdetail, the floor details.

and then we do whatis called a sky box. so if this is thehouse, we actually have the entire view thatwe've done in a 360. so the house and thewindows and the orientation is exactly what you're gonna see out from the front door orthe entry or the kitchen sink. - that is amazing. - it is pretty amazing. it's changing our industry.

it's changing how weget to see the home before we build the home. - well, people need todefinitely give you a call because i knowthey're gonna wanna get into one of these homes. they just need tocheck out everything. - just stop at mountain shadows. the models are open everyday from 11 to five,seven days a week,

and you're gonna seesome beautiful homes. - all right, theyneed to do that. - you got it. my pleasure. - if you need furniture oranything for that matter, go to furniture affair. and we have nancy rhodes here. okay, i know, i joke aroundthat i walk in for a lamp and come out with asofa or vice versa.

- or two. - or two.- or two sofas. - you have so much stuff there. tell people about it. - well, we do havefurniture left over after your last visit. (tiffany laughs) we primarily resellmodel home furniture, and we get stuffevery single day.

and it is not too late to get a dining tablefor the holidays. we still have that available. - [tiffany] so there isstill furniture in there. and you're always gettingnew stuff constantly. - [nancy] we constantlyget new things. we work with almost everybuilder in the valley. in fact, i'd like to recommend that people check our facebookor sign up for our emails

because we have on-sitesales also coming up. - okay, remind everybody whereyour showroom and the hours. - we're at 350 east bell road. that is the northwest cornerof 7th street and bell. and we are open thursdayfrom 10 to seven p.m., friday through mondayfrom 10 to six. but we need all daytuesday, wednesday to fill that floorback up, so don't come. - so don't come toosoon on wednesday.

- don't come then. - all right, therest of the time, they need to get in there. - they do for great dealsand lots of new stuff. - i agree. our home ownership industry is doing somethingwonderful this christmas. it's called realestate wednesdays. and each wednesdayfrom now to christmas,

real estate agents,brokers, mortgage lenders, title officers, and manyvendors you see here each week will be ringing the bellsfor the salvation army. please give, andplease give generously. i'm pleased towelcome with us today, we've got ricky mileswith supreme lending. okay, and i know we weretalking about there's actually the programs of leasingto own kind of thing. what is this?

- yeah, it's alwaysbeen in effect. it's a separate contract outside of the leasecontract, purchase contract. it kind of bringsit all together. it's a lease optionto purchase contract. and so i felt like it was greatto talk about today with you because we've beendoing a lot of it, and i wanted toexplain how and why. so basically, it gives theindividual or the potential

buyers the opportunity totransition, if you will. lots of peopleout there leasing. lots of people, wetalked about last time, don't think thatthey can purchase. but this is, it's allowedus to help individuals rather than move twice,rather than lease, put them in a positionwhere they can do lease with an option of purchase. and i'm noticing it's a greattransition for individuals

that maybe they neededa couple of points on their credit score,maybe it's gonna take 'em a month or two to get tothe specific score needed for like a down paymentassistance program. and rather than having themtied to a six or 12-month lease, they have the ability to doa lease option of purchase where they're payinga lease with an option to buy the home withinthat 12-month period. as long as theycan get the loan,

they close, they're now owning, and they're not having tomove twice essentially. - oh, that's wonderful. - yeah, so it's worked out ina number of different ways. so we've got folks, you know, maybe they need theircredit score improved, take them a month or two,up to 12 months, right? people that are transitioningfrom out of state relocation, individuals that maybethey started a new job.

and then i just, even lastnight, i ran to an individual that said, "hey, iwould love to buy, "but i have two weeks toget out of my current lease, "and i gotta finda place quickly." and he's eligible to purchase, but he doesn't have thetime in which to purchase and do a traditional30 to 45-day close. so it allows usto find him a home where he can pay leasewith an option to buy.

and within that 12-month period, if he can buy, now he'sexperienced ownership. he's got-- - oh, my gosh, that is awesome. - yeah, it's beena great program. - well, i know there'sa lot of people that are gonna takeyou up on this. so they definitely needto get you on the phone and get this started.

- 100%. we'll be ready to help. - all right, thanksfor joining us. - thank you for joining usonce again for the home hunter. we hope you enjoyed the show and plan on joiningus again next week for lots more great home buysand interesting products. if you missed any information, you're welcome to give usa call at 602-331-7292,

or visit our websiteat homehuntertv.com. and remember to lookfor the trane logo when buying your new home orremodeling your existing one. reliable heating and cooling,fast professional service, that's trane. i'm tiffany hunter, and i hope to see youagain next sunday morning. see you next week.

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