mid century modern bedroom furniture for sale

mid century modern bedroom furniture for sale

i said i didn't like this room, but now i'm saying more of it, and i love it. (upbeat electronic music) okay so, we are looking at a lake house, in florence, alabama. it's on six and half acres, almost 12,000 square feet. it's got two docks because one is not enough, two pools, again one not enough, a helipad, and it's at the low low price of 3.9 million dollars.

what a steal. woo, groovy! it is groovy. i love it. doin pass, and your like (snaps fingers) that's my house. is that what you'd do?yep, that's what... finger guns? finger guns! oh the outdoor pool.

outdoor pool, because that must mean there's... you gotta distinguish. a lot of houses with pools, you miss out on the backyard for the pool. and this you get the best of both worlds. yeah. ten of ten would swim in there. and there's god's swimming pool. the lake.

the lake. (laughs) so pure. but the lake experience overall, no sharks. you don't have to clean the boat afterwards. these people have it made. lakes are, i'm a lake person. oh my gosh! okay, i thought for a second that was the indoor pool. oh good, i thought so too.

but i think that's just a design on the floor. but that looks like party central. is that a little kitchen over in the corner? maybe a little bar, action. a little bar, to go with your pool table, and incredibly scenic views. it needs some low slung cocktail couches. it's lush and green. yeah, it looks like a courtyard.

oh, look at that fireplace. how chic is that? oh, that's so fun with the little, what are those called? i actually don't know. fireballs, great balls of fire. that's what those are called now. flora, fauna and funk. our aesthetic.

that's the name of our show now. (laughs) we're changing it. flora, fauna and funk. i mean, i just love all the light, me too. if you can't be outside, then this is the next best thing. retro in a wonderful way, i think. yes, tell me, lay out your plan for this room. well, obviously the bed would go,

where the built in headboard shelving situation is. i like the lights. those are fun, funky. i love the lights. maybe you could put some little chairs to curl up and read in over by the window. and that view is, really killer. okay, i remember seeing this online. i love this bathroom!

i know you do, and i feel like that's a hot take in itself. aren't most people like, "eww pink bathrooms, gross, get away." yeah, i feel like i'm just out here alone right now. i love a really gross retro, a mauve or a light pink, or a pastel blue, or a pastel green, any gross color tile, i love it for some reason. i love this small tile, i think it makes it, it's an easier...

i get this more. i gotta be honest, i'm not loving the inside the tube tile. i'm a little... that just look comfortable. also it seems, yeah. maybe it's just on the sides? surely. i'm just kinda thinking...

and cleaning that, pass. look at this funky bedroom. this is funky fresh. i don't know, this one is making me a little sad. i don't know maybe it's cause, i can't see the window or something. (laughs) i assume there's a window. outlook bleak. as much as i like a funky wall,

that wall might be a little too funky for me. if all the walls looked like that, i'd be into it. (laughs) sometimes more is more. i'm just kinda confused by that wall paneling situation. i don't love it.i do love the desk. i feel like i would get lots of reading and writing done. when you're at the lake? well, in my dreams, betsy, i'd be...

are you sure you're the one, who sits there inside and writes poetry, while everyone else is having a big time on the boat? maybe, i have feelings. love a wet bar. yeah, i love this. i'd actually probably leave it as is. go for it. get some retro bar ware, put that in there.

would that be fun? whew, eee. yup, this is gonna have to change. again, great windows. great windows. probably would want to swap out... everything. [katherine] everything else. also, you're at the lake,

really you're gonna be making sandwiches, throwing them on the boat, getting out of the house. that's so true, unless you want to sit inside and write poetry all day. that's pretty awesome. you're on this little point.that's amazing! so green! i bet it's so quiet. on a cove.

heck, if i could have all that, i wouldn't even care about the kitchen. i would just leave it. i would leave those ugly walls. heck. i mean look at that, that's why you go. no, it is, yeah. you're not there for the kitchen or the weird stuff in the bedroom wall.

nope, your there to be on the water. your there to be on the water, and it's winning at that. yup.

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