best guest bedroom designs

best guest bedroom designs

hi everyone. i'm alejandra from this video i'm going to share with you how to organize your guest room so you canactually have guests over. you can also make them feel welcome, make them feel like they'reat home but also make them feel like they're on this little vacation. first, if this isyour first time watching any of my videos and you're just beginning to get yourselfmore organized, there's a link below to help you get started for free. okay so this is the guest room and i'm goingto start in this corner right here and show you the dresser and everything i have on topto make our guests feel welcome and as if they're at home. all right so on the top ofthe dresser right here, this is a little welcome

basket that i put together that when theycome in the room they immediately see this. it has two bottles of water, it has sparklingwater, it has little note cards if they want to write a little note or just write can also put postcards for where you live and then just make sure you just put a littlestamp so they can easily send it. then there's snacks right here in case they'rehungry and they're in there room, they don't have to come downstairs if they don't feelcomfortable. there's gum, there's mints and there's like a little gift bag i put togetherfor them. this is not the real one. whoever your guests are, put something together thatmakes them feel welcome. in case they have a long trip, just make them feel like they'reat home right when they come into the guest

room. this basket right here just has feltpads on the bottom so if you move this around it's not going to scratch the dresser. then right here there's a little guest bookfor capturing memories of your guests trip. they can also read past guests visit in casethey want to know who else visited and what else someone else does when they come to thearea. all right them over here there's a littlewifi picture frame that has the user name and password to access the home wifi. i justused pineapple speckled paper in the background because pineapples symbolize welcome and ithought it was really cute. all right so that just stays right there. then speaking of theinternet, if you want to plug into the home

network, there's a home network ethernet cordright here that is attached with a cord holder so it doesn't fall behind the dresser andthen get lost. all right now that i've showed you what'son top of the dresser, let me show you what's inside the dresser. when you have a dresseryou want to be able to let your guests unpack and again make them feel like they're at home.keep the drawers empty if you can. what i did right here, all the drawers are emptyexcept the top one. the top one has sheets for the bed. i only have one set of queensheets for the bed because you'll only need one set. before the guests come, i'll takethe clean sheets, put it on the bed before so they're nice and fresh. the once the guestscheck out, take the sheets out, wash them,

fold them, and put them back in the dresser. there's a drawer divider right here to breakup the drawer into two smaller sections. if your guests don't have drawer dividers athome, it gives them a chance to see how nice it is to break up a larger drawer into sectionsand compartmentalize all your things inside the drawer. all right then right here, there is a boxof chocolates. when i make the bed before the guests arrive, i'll put a chocolate ontheir pillow just like any turn down service in a hotel. again, it's all about making yourguests feel welcome and making them feel like they're in this escape from their realityand just away from home. they feel welcomed

and relaxed. all right so the rest of thedrawers are empty like i mentioned. now that i showed you this area, let me show you what'sin the closet. all right so this is the closet. again, it'sall about letting your guests have space to unpack and feeling like your at home. if youkeep stuff in your guestroom closet, before they come, make space for them to unpack orjust don't keep anything inside. all right so right here is their hanging space. there'stwo sets of hangers. then there's a laundry bag right here. in case your guests are stayingfor an extended period of time and they want to do laundry, they can put their dirty clothesin here and then clean their clothes in the laundry room or give it to me and i can washthem.

all right so this just hangs right here onthis side. right here in these open shelves there are extra blankets in case they getcold. at the very bottom, there's extra quilts in case it's winter time and they're extracold. right here there's a drawer sachet so the closet smells nice and fresh. the nexttime your guest comes to your house they associate this smell with hopefully good memories stayingat your house. at the very top of the closet, there's extra pillows. right here there'sextra pillow cases if they want to grab one. then right here there's two sweater boxes.right here there's an extra blanket and then this one is empty as well. one day we willhave a full length mirror right here on this door so when they're getting dressed theycan see how they look. then on this door,

one day, there will be a nice big hook righthere for a robe, a sweater, a jacket, a purse or anything else that they want to hang andmaximize vertical space. now that i've showed you the closet, let me show you what is aroundthe bed and inside the nightstands. all right so over here is the bed and thenthere's two nightstands, one on each side. let me show you what's on one side in thenightstand because it's the same thing on the other side. all right so right here isa nightstand. there is a lamp for easy reading and light. there's a little coaster in casesomeone has a drink up here. then at the bottom, there's these little felt pads so it doesn'tscratch the nightstand in case it gets moved and stuff. on this side of the nightstand,there is a hometown magazine. we live in virginia

so our guests can flip through and get toknow our area a little bit more and just see what's around here where i live. at the veryback of the nightstand there's a little cord holder so when they plug in their cellphoneor any other kind of device they can use their cord clip to hold their cord so it doesn'tfall behind the nightstand and get lost. of course, it's labeled cord holder because mybest guess is that the majority of people don't know what it is and so it just makesit a little bit easier to figure out, "hey what's that little thing right there." inside the drawers right here they are allempty with the exception of the bottom drawer which has a little bible in it. then the bed,like i mentioned in the dresser part, i only

put the sheets on the bed the day before theguests arrive so it stays nice and fresh. at that point, that's when i'll put the chocolateon the pillow as well. the bed looks all made and stuff but really it's just the quilt,the pillows and then underneath it all is nothing. now that i've showed you the bedand the nightstands, let me show you what's on the opposite side of the room. in this corner of the room there's a chairfor ... there's a pillow right here. there's an extra blanket in case someone gets coldbut also you can put all the decorative pillows when you undo the bed onto here as opposedto putting it on the floor. you could just sit here and put your shoes on or whateveryou want to do. back here behind the door,

there's a set of hooks for hanging your purse,your handbag, a sweatshirt, a towel or anything you want to get off the floor and onto somekind of vertical space right here. i hope you enjoy this video. i hope this givesyou tips for setting up a guestroom for making somebody feel welcome and at home and feellike they're escaping their home and going on a little vacation. if this is the firsttime watching any of my videos and you're just beginning your organizing journey, there'sa link below to help you get started for free. thanks for watching and i'll see you soon.bye.

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