best blue bedroom designs

best blue bedroom designs

hey guys! mr. clark here. today, let’s design the perfect room! what does your perfect room look like? we can draw a floor plan also known as a blueprint.architects design blueprints to map out features of the building and also to see what each room is used for. today, i’m going to design a floor planfor my perfect room. what will you design for your perfect room? a bathroom? an arcade? you can design your perfect room to have whateveryou’d like in it. have fun and be creative! remember, when we design this floor plan; we are looking at the room from above – like there is no roof.

it’s a bird’s eye view. let’s begin by drawing four walls. i want the walls to be nice and straight - soi’ll use my ruler to draw a rectangular room. i’ll leave a space here for the door. thinkabout where you’d like your doors and windows. he can draw them right into the walls. and, you know what… i’m gonna have a closet door here. now, lets add some windows in our walls tolet some sunlight it. first, i’ll find the middle of my wall uphere, and then draw one window on either side with a little space between.

these lines just represent the window frame. i’ll do the same on this wall. good. now, let’s start drawing some itemsinside our room. like maybe a bed! you gotta sleep right? ok, so i’ll draw a rectangle bed here onthis wall. you can just draw the basic outline of the bed so you know it’s there – or you can add lots of cool details. take your time and be creative! cool, now i’ll draw a nightstand next tothe bed. of course, when viewing our room from above,we won’t be able to see these drawers, but

i’ll still draw them just for fun! i’ll even draw a lamp here on the top. that’llgive me a light source. cool! now on the other side of the room inbetween the windows, i’ll draw a big computer desk where i can make art videos and shareit with you all! on that desk, i’ll draw my laptop. i usea macbook pro. and i gotta have big speakers so i can listento music - all night long. i’ll even draw the cords going to an outlet. the floor plan symbol for an electrical outletis a circle with two lines attaching it to the wall. you can add outlets wherever youneed power!

good! now, i’ll draw my computer chair - abig comfy chair – that swivels. yeah… ok, what next? ooh! i know! how about a basketball hoop! yeah i want a basketball hoop in my room soi can take 3pt shots with my friends. i’ll draw it here in the corner: the backboard,the rim and the net. and of course a basketball to shoot. next, i’ll draw a toy chest up here on theother wall between the two windows. this is where you can keep games, legos andmaybe some art supplies to share with friends. on the other side of my computer desk, i’lladd a bookshelf. here is where i keep all

my favorite books. books from school, comicsand other cool books that i enjoy reading! again; normally we wouldn’t be able to see the books from above, but i’ll still draw them so we can see what it is. now, let’s see... in this corner, i’lldraw an art table. yeah… this is where we can draw, color anddo neat art crafts like painting and origami! two chairs - one for me and one for a friend. this is a pretty cool room! what else shouldwe add? now, i’m choosing to make this little rooma closet, but why don’t you try to make it something else? like a bathroom! or makeit bigger to add a home gym!

you know what to do – have fun and be creative! these are my shirts hanging up, here are mypants and i’ll put my shoes here on the floor. and lastly, i’ll add a rug here in the middleof my room - a big area rug with cool designs on it. nice! i designed my perfect room! and send me your floor plans for your perfect room! i can’t wait to see your designs! now, let’s illustrate it! i’ll show you how. join me in the next video to illustrate andanimate our perfect room! subscribe to creative cricket for more coolart videos, free printables and monthly giveaways.

i hope you all had fun and i’ll see younext time. thanks for watching!

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