simple bedroom design malaysia

simple bedroom design malaysia

so this is going to be my first ever vlog on my main channel and i do have a vlog channel, but i made that a few years back and it was for vlogmas which i did end up doing sort of like sort of accomplishing [vlogmas] [a] little bit. i just love this two years ago and it was very embarrassing like looking back [-] it is really embarrassing so private [in] all of the videos there but i just must try something new on my main channel and sort of do like a more vlogging style not like daily vlogs or anything, but like something different, you know oh my god [tenace] little tired

sorry if like i'm shaking the camera like her moses really sent me say you guys on a tripod since my camera was really happy [-] a day my plan is to redecorate my room. i don't know i just woke up this morning and i was like my room is sort of empty and every time when i film a video i don't have a decent background to work with yeah, let's spice things up i'm going to draw a sketch open room and let's turn it out the first thing i have to do is sketch out what my bedroom [swiped] so i don't have an idea of what to put keep in mind is only a rough sketch, so [unless] i [do] my best at your eyes

there is nothing to fear [stop] [lying] to make these two pillows yellow so i want to have to buy two yellow pillowcases and then this money will be my naps pillows are always blow so this is what i have so far [two] pillowcases of our yellow, and then my [desk] pillow and then up here i was planning well, i was trying to have a flower garland. [oh] flower garland on top of my head borders, which is like up right up there. this is my heart border that's my bed right now it's really messy so i can show that but a flower garland [up] there and then some pictures and a mania limit of light, then i have this wall which i don't know what to put over there

so i'm going to draw something here after i really did not know [what] to do for my [plain] wall over there, so i screamed up with this it's basic i know i have my flower garland not going to hang up right there three now i'm going to head out fib to fill cases that i wanted probably yellow to match my flower thingy and then after that i kind of need droplets are tape for these little [looks] really cute so far, but i'm missing a few stories to do left over so i kind of double sided tape kinda yo girl all right now

apparently, they will have any yellow so [tation] some pairs of fabric io and i found now i'm debating whether or not i should get yellow or this to oven c. colors sure are jesse always destroy hand side we have is cool color too. so i know picking this baby blue and light blue fabric they didn't have any totally system i just was fabricated the yellow fabric was a bit more lighter and like more facility than i was toting but now looking at it like

actually that would be too much yellow i'm finally done with the pillow and [and] not just the wool perfectly, and i'm going to do the other pillows too malkin it's been leery, and i finally [finished] this wall as well my room looks left put together now i'm still happy so i'm probably going to end my vlog right here i hope you guys enjoyed this first vlog on my main channel let me know if you guys like these vlog videos, and i'll probably do more because it's actually kind of fun i'll see you guys in my next video

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