bedroom design without bed frame

bedroom design without bed frame

hi, everyone my name is kelsey and my name is becky and we are the sorry girls and today we are here with wendy. hi, my name is wendy. i have a youtube channel called withwendy i do sewing and diy videos there, so obviously we have to work together she's amazing! this collab was requested so many times. it's unbelievable. i'm so happy it's finally happening yeah yeah, so today. we're doing some like dorm slash student apartments slash regular apartment diys which is so exciting we have three on our channel three on my wendys channel? oh my goodness i cannot believe how adorable they turned out

boho chic vibe, but we were all just like loving and it is all good. it was good. i'm excited yes, all right, so we should we get into how we made these yeah let's start off with how we made the palette bed to make this pallet bed start by gathering four large pallets are similar in size and heights pallets can often be found left out for recycling, but make sure you always ask them for taking from any person or business. take a look at the pallets for stamps indicating that it hasn't been chemically treated. lay the palette out with the bottoms up and do a check for any exposed nails or rough spots. we gave the bottoms a light sand to protect our floors now is also a good time to fix any height issues we added some boards to one of our lower sitting pallets now flip the pallets over into their final positions

again remove any exposed nails and fix loose boards we added some planks in to cover up a small gap between two of our pallets to support our mattress we use two boards of mdf that were three by four feet each we screwed them down into the center of the pallet base now using a power sander sand down the remaining exposed pallet pieces. make sure that you sand the top of the boards really well to avoid any splinters. and as a final step we coated the tops of our boards with white paint once the paint is dry. you're good to add on your mattress and bedding! next up, i'll show you how to make the diy curtains so to make the curtains you're going to want to measure the total height that you want to cover and then by two

times that amount so that you have enough for two curtain panels. the fabric that i chose is really lightweight to give it that dreamy look and we're going to cut and sew this very quickly into a curtain. first you're going to want to tear a strip from that entire piece of fabric that is 7 centimeters wide. we're going to use this to make the top loops for the curtain. to sew these loops unfold over one side about a third of the way then bring over the other side tucking in a little strip so that all the raw edges are hidden away if you add a straight stitch all the way down that folded edge. it's going to seal it off

and then we have one big long strip that we can cut up to make the individual loops. here's how that finished long strip looked so as you can see there is the one straight stitch going all the way down that little folded edge and it locks everything in place i needed 16 loops in total, 8 for each side of the curtain and so i folded the fabric in half over and over until i got to 16 layers in total and then cut those apart with a pair of scissors. taking each of these strips we're going to fold it in half and then sew them with a straight stitch along the top edge of the curtain i put eight on each curtain so you just have to space enough to equal distance from each other. here's how the top edge of the curtain looks. i have the top

lip folded over just a little bit and then i sewed with a straight stitch attaching the loops every so often. along the left and right side of each curtain i fold the fabric in twice and did a straight stitch to hem it all off. when you look at it from the outside everything is all clean the raw edges are hidden away and your curtains are done! and lastly we're going to show you how to make this stepladder nightstand! to make the step ladder side table, start by gathering four pieces of wood that are three feet long for each of the table legs. for the shelves, we're using a piece of wood that is six inches wide and a piece that is ten inches wide start by cutting each of the shelf pieces to 20 inches long out of our four leg pieces. we're going to angle two of them

draw out 25 degree angles on each end and cut off the extra wood with the remaining two legs cut them each to 21 and a half inches long now that everything's cut sand it all down for a smooth finish. now, it's time to assemble! line the steep side of one of the angled leg pieces up against the top of a straight leg piece. drill a pilot hole through both pieces to keep the wood from splitting then add a small amount of wood glue and screw the pieces together. repeat this for your two remaining leg pieces now we can connect the two v-shaped legs together with our two shelf pieces slide the shelves up between the legs until they set where you'd like them again drill pilot holes into the sides add on some wood glue and drill them into place

repeat this for your second selves as well. you can give the shelf a final sand and add on any paint or stain if you like! ps, although this looks like a stepladder use the as a shelf only! and also if you guys want any more in depth tutorial on how to make this that has official angles and numbers and all the fancy math and instructions there is a full tutorial on our blog that you can check out below all right, thank you so much for watching this. i hope you guys enjoy all of these. they are so... goals! let us know what your favorite one was below and if you want to see the other three dorm diys they're on my channel so you can click the links in the description, and they'll be there. yes! and make sure you subscribe to wendy while they are over there and subscribe to us if you're from wendy's channel, we love her!

alright thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video make sure you give it a like if you love it make sure you sub it and we'll see you next time!

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