bedroom design window behind bed

bedroom design window behind bed

[music playing] even with a limited budget,you can still give your master bedroom a quick update. here are my threetips for how you can make it happen and spendless than $50 doing it. there's justsomething about pretty drapery that makes a bedroomfeel more soft and inviting. so my first tip isto simply update those window treatments tosomething a little bit more

upscale. and if you shop online, you aresure to find some great deals. my designer tip isto hang them closer to the ceiling to draw theline up and give the room the illusion of height. and if you're light sensitive,make sure your new panels are lined with blackoutmaterial, because being fully rested whenthat alarm goes off never goes out of style.

another clever way to add astylish touch to your bedroom is to create a focalpoint over the headboard. go with something unexpected,like a group of vintage plates or a sculptural item likethis african headdress. it injects bright, boldcolor into the room and adds interesting texture. my last tip is a fun oneif you're feeling crafty. make your own ombre dresser. it's easier than you think.

with just two paint colors andbasic paint supply, you can create a one-of-a-kind dresser. first, clean and lightlysand the drawer fronts. then paint thedarkest drawer first. to create the lighter tonesfor the remaining doors, simply mix in more and morewhite with your accent color. so whether you'vegot $50 or $500, you can still make simplechanges to your space. now that's what icall a fast fix.

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