bedroom design iron bed

bedroom design iron bed

- so i've been wanting to makea tech bedroom forever now. and i never really got a chance to do it but when casper reached out,not only to sponsor this video but send me a frickin'mattress, i said hell yeah. so casper's goal is to shipyou the perfect mattress without it being crazy expensive and they do this by shippingit right to your doorstep. that's exactly what they did for me here and guys, look at this thing,there is a queen size mattress

in this box, like, i couldliterally fit in this box. (screams) (punches) but it's crazy that there'sa whole mattress in it, like it's not that big. how is that possible? so let's get to it. let's open this box up. (grunts)

unleash the muscle. (laughs) wow that's really sad. let's open up, oh. beautiful packaging,here's the mattress though. oh wow, that's a mattress in there. see what this is crazy though,like how is that a mattress? get out. (pants)

okay. there it is, there is the mattress, no, we gotta cut it open andi guess it's just going to expand out somehow. it's gonna be magic. get out of your little cocoon. whoa, okay, it's opening up, half the mattress, okay. so it's like a little,it's like a taco right now.

flip it open. whoa, whoa, whoa, it's growing. oh my god, what the? there's my mattress, just gonna lay on it. (emotional music) and the cool thing aboutcasper is that they give you 100 days to return it, solets say you sleep on it for like 99 days and you'relike, um, not doing it for me, they will pick it up atyour doorstep just like

they brought it to you. but, nah, man, i'm keeping my mattress. man, the sides are likenot wrinkled at all, for being crammed intoa box, that's crazy, like this thing looks likeit's been out for a while and it just got opened. but seriously having a goodmattress is so important guys, like you don't want to deal with back pain and also this one is so easy to get

they literally bring it right to you so if you guys want a casper mattress, just go to, use the promo code krystalkey for $50 off your first casper mattress. but we gotta finish therest of this bedroom, just put some clothes on thisguy, some last minute details (snaps) and we have the ultimate tech bedroom.

(upbeat music) so for me having the best tech bedroom was not just aboutthrowing a bunch of tech throughout the room andcalling it a day, it's more so having that tech blend in the background, working with the rest of the room, so when it's there, it looks beautiful but it's still super functional, so we walk over here to my nightstand

which is one of myfavorite parts of this room because it has all my important stuff, like it holds my phone, ithrow my watch over here with these native union docks, i love how well they match theiphone and the apple watch. it's like spot on. they got the nice rubberized feel to them and they just, i mean, they look good. i love the way they lookwith the rest of the stuff

i got going on here andi will link everything i'm mentioning down belowin the description box. but yeah, moving on, i also have my color ware rose gold air pods. which, once again, it matches perfectly and look at these guys, they look so good along with the lampthat i got from target, it's not spot on rosegold but it's close enough where it still looks good.

now of course, thiswouldn't be a tech bedroom without some smart bulbs,i got some hue bulbs here the new a19 ones and igotta say, these are amazing because not only do theylook cool but there's fudge, that's hot. (blows) anyway, as i was sayingbefore i burned myself, not only are these cool lookingbecause you can set scenes

and they're colorful and stuff, but they're super convenient too. like, lets say you leave your light on while you left the house,you can turn it off through your phone, and it's on. doesn't look that different right now but, if we take our phone, we cando all sorts of fun things like change the brightness of it,

or edit and go even crazierwith the color if you wanted to. and hue lights come in alldifferent shapes and sizes, like this hue go behind this plant, look how good this plantlooks with that light shining from behind and of courseyou don't have to hide it behind a plant, look howgood it looks on its own. it's so cute and little andyou could place it on any table let's make this a nice,let's go for a nice blue cause i mean this whole room is kind

of looking like an ocean beachy vibe. see how that looks. great. and, hue lights also comein the form of strips like i have under the bedright here and i mean, you guys already know how muchi love my hue light strips, i usually have been puttingthem behind my couches or behind desk but i thought under the bed is such a perfect place toput it for when you get up

in the morning but iusually go for warmer colors like this, i just like the feel of that, i think it's like cozy and it goes with the rest of the room too. let's do that nice purple,maybe we'll do blue, oh blue is nice, complementslike the bed colors. so when i was installingthe hue light strips underneath the bed i wasthinking it would be so cool if they could just automatically turn on

when i went to get a glass of water in the middle of the nightor something like that, but like, how in the worldwas that gonna be possible? i didn't think there wasany way of doing that but there actually is, withthe philips hue motion sensor. and as soon as this guy detects motion, you can have it changethe color of the lights or what's probably mostpractical is have the lights go on or off which i think is perfect

for the middle of thenight with the hue lights, like you don't have to fumblearound with the light strip to turn on all the lights in your room and if you're not a fan ofhaving to deal with your phone to have to turn on all theselights, i have this guys, the logitech pop smart button kit and what's inside of here,is this button of course, this little wall adapter so youcould plug it into the wall. and adhesive so thatyou can stick this guy

anywhere you want. i'm gonna stick itaround this general area 'cause that just happenedto work well with my room i walk in, see this wall. let's just say around there. okay, there we go, i justhope this is nice and level. okay, so what's cool aboutthis is you can trigger a bunch of different scenes

and it does not have to be lights. it can be different smartappliances across the house, maybe your coffee machine in the morning you could have that going. and i'm gonna set up one press,to have my daylight scene. let's do a double pressfor my nighttime scene and a long press, i'lljust shut them all off. alright, let's see if it works,i'm just gonna single press for that daytime scene.

oh cool, okay, so i goin, i just single press and there's my daytime lights, but now let's do that doublepress for the nighttime scene. beautiful, oh that is socozy and last but not least, let's hold to turn off all the lights. and there we go. next up and probably oneof my most favorite parts of this room, the nebulaportable projector. it was like made forthis room because my bed

is facing a huge blank wall,so it's like perfect for that. but also my headboard, it's flat so it just lays on there perfectly, like i just plop it thereand i love this thing because i can just sitback, relax and watch my tv, netflix, youtube on here. but i don't have to watch it in here because i can take it on the go since it's a portable projector

and especially since ithave built in jbl speakers which sound really good. let's blast that music up. (sings) alright woo. that's some good sound but, guys, i have this sound bar set upover here in case you want a more movie theaterexperience, you know why guys, because this sound bar connectsto the portable projector

so easily, because the portable projector has blue tooth built in so i can connect a great sound bar like this to that guy and we're gonna have amovie theater in here. let's see what this guy sounds like now. oh man that sounds good. (thumping music) it sounds really good, it's a really good combination.

that sounds really good, that's seriously such a great combination to have a nice sound barwith your portable projector it's like so much better than a tv because you have like a movietheater in your bedroom. that's crazy. so from the mattress, to allthe night stand accessories hue lights, all the stuff in this room, even the room decor, it wasso much fun to put together

'cause i really feel likeit shows my personality not only through tech butjust like my general style i feel like both of those go hand in hand in creating the perfect tech bedroom. seriously, it was somuch fun to put together. so please let me know what you guys think in the comments below andif you guys want to see more videos like this iwas thinking of bringing this over to my livingroom and maybe doing

some smart home stuffin there so leave a like if you want to see that. but anyway thank you for watching guys and i'll see you later.

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