bedroom design canopy bed

bedroom design canopy bed

hi, i'm emily current. and i'm merritt elliot and we are stylists and fashion designers. and we are here for our collection for pbteen. the first season was so rewarding, and thegood news is everyone else loved it as much as we did. so just having the conversion aboutgold bedding and unicorn heads and bunny lamps, inspired us to continue this journey creatinga magical room. we really wanted the second season to be anevolution of the first season. we took the same girl who was sort of on this magicaljourney. it was like the next chapter for

her. i think we still relied heavily on vintageinspired pieces and antiqued metals and off whites and creams. but, we took this parisiansort of idea of ruffles and scallops and added in the dichotomy of skulls and ruffles orblack and white. we kept the same youthfulness and magic that we had in the first collectionbut edged it up a little bit. the denim chaise lounge, that we couldn'tget enough of. we transformed it into a headboard. the chaise became a french grain sack stripewith some gold feet. we took the bunny clock that we loved so muchand made it gold gilded. this beautiful mason canopy bed is now bright and gold. we loved playing with the dark distressedfloor and it really made some of the product

we loved, really pop out. we really enteredthe world of total highs and total lows and mixed together to be perfect. you can kind of merge this season and lastseason's product, and it can still be your own version of our room. you know, i thinkit all sort of goes together. i think a teenager really celebrates personalstyle, that's our ethos. we're trying to bring out that spirit in everything we do and ithink that pbteen celebrates that, when you flip through the catalog or go into a's about taking things and mixing them together to be your own and say yes this is me. weare constantly waiving our emily&merritt wand over brands that we love, including pbteen.this has been a perfect marriage, because

we've always loved the pottery barn brandsand this age is our favorite, because it's the most creative and it's the most willingto take risks and that's what we believe in when creating, is there's no rules.

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