50's style bedroom decorating ideas

50's style bedroom decorating ideas

hi,it's great to see you here, as the title says, this i present you. 23 small space decorating color ideas to make your small space feel much bigger by eric frye. your humble abode is about to get a huge makeover. let's start the count:1. color coding items in your tiny space streamlines the overall look and adds some personality. 2. it’s the easiest way to be intentional with every square inch you have. 3. the color of your furniture can also help stretch your space.

4. acrylic and glass items don’t take up any visual residency, so the things on them can take center stage.take the ghost chair as example. 5. if you feel like painting, using a bright, bold color is a big statement way to visually expand the space. 6. it impedes your eyes from registering the room’s actual dimension…aka it seems much bigger. 7. a tonal color scheme has a cool and sophisticated look that flows together seamlessly it’s perfect for a tight space and impossible to mess up.

8. especially for small rooms lacking any interesting architecture, gray walls can add a layer of elegance. 9. try balancing the look with pops of bright color or white linens to keep it from getting too dark and.... closed in. 10. richer colors do absorb light, but deep, dark, and cozy may be just the thing you’re going for. 11. and like gray, they vamp up the elegant feel.12. if you want to save money on paint, or aren’t allowed to paint because you’re renting, all white makes rooms feel

open and airy.13. the lack of color reflects the light and will make your small space open up. 14. but no matter what bold color you’re using or (not using) don't forget it to add black. 15. black items will ground a small space and make the other colors in the room appear crisp and.. clear.16. similar to stripes on your clothes, vertical stripes will elongate a room. 17. cool colors lift warm colors up and can transform your 6-foot ceilings to look

mile-high. 18. another way to stretch a narrow room, with less paint, is to break up the lines. 19. this small workshop gives a whole new meaning to bringing in the outdoors. 20. you can widen a room with a pop of color in an unexpected place. via abeautifulmess.com 21. or, if you’re sharing your small space with a partner, mixing unexpected prints. 22. as long as you’re connecting the prints to other items in the room,

it will feel cohesive, not random.23. and, if your tiny room is lacking natural light, yellow is an easy way to add some sunshine. thanks for your time if you like what you just see, comment it, or hit the like or subscribe button under the video, please check description box for more info.. see you next time.

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