best bedroom interior design india

best bedroom interior design india

hello friends welcome to my channelthe queen bee paradise this video is all about the most happening place of a homethe kids room i've covered the topic in two parts in part 1 i've shared fewideas on how to plan the kids room interiors beautifully within the budgetin part 2 i will share few ideas on how to organize the kid's stuffs in a very costeffective and a functional way my kids room has simple interiors butself-contained i have ensured to allocate a space for all the kids stufflike toys books clothes accessories etc hope these ideas will be useful forfriends who are looking for kids room interior ideas the size of the room is11 feet by 11 feet the wood that has

been used for the wardrobe cabinets or thecarcass and the study table is commercial ply wood the shutters thatis the doors are made up of block boards as plywood have tendency to bend it isgood to go for block boards for the doors or shutters we have chosen light color laminates forthe interiors light color makes the room look bigger and brighter kids room interiors needs regular cleaning as kids can even scribble on the laminates so we have chosen tuff gloss laminates for the interiors tough gloss laminates are moredurable and scratch proof we can easily clean them with sponge and soap

i have kept a wall decors simple with some colorful vinyl sticker and ceiling has a colorful fan with cartoon characters the wardrobe has three partitions theupper loft space is to store rarely used stuffs like kid's car sear birthday partyrelated items etc the middle portion is to mainly store my kids clothing and thebottom portion has two big baskets to store their toy the toy basket can bemoved out completely for cleaning purpose it has wheels at the bottom for smoothmovements let me show the internals of thewardrobe to give you an idea on how the shelves are designed the left side hasbig partitions with hanging space and

two drawers the right side has smallpartition to segregate and organize my kids clothings towards the left side of the dress cupboard i have a tall mirror fixed on cabinet door behind that there are shelves which provides some more storage space below the tall mirror there are twodrawers where my kids accessories can be stored which is very useful in order to utilize the space behind theentrance door of the room i have fixed some hooks where my kids fancy bags are hung this is a cloth hanger which can bepulled out and pushed in this is very useful to hang kids clothes towels etc

next comes the study table if you noticethe table has a "c" shaped opening in the side which is done intentionally toprovide leg space for two people to sit comfortably this idea is really helpfulwhen i sit with my daughter to help her in her studies there is a drawer providedin the table to store stationery stuffs the pinup board that you are seeing nowis a diy stuff that i have made using cardboard here is where my daughter pins all her creative works please watch part 2 of the video for more details on thesame the study table has overhead cabinets tostore books craft materials etc one of the cabinet is provided with glass doors so it can also be used to display some

artifacts when required above thecabinet there is some free space to store some big things like swimmingfloaters at the bottom i have kept her study desk which can be used on the floor this bed has storage space underneath to store my kids bedsheets and comforters hope you liked the interior ideas shared in this video please don't forget to like comment andsubscribe see you in part 2 of the video with some good organizing tips thanksfor watching bye bye

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